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Select what month you would like to do the Sydney pub crawl in.

  • April 14

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  • April 21

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  • April 28

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  • May 5

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  • May 12

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  • May19

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  • Other?

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Beer, so much more than a breakfast drink
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As per FG's suggestion, lets nail down a month,
If you have a favourite date, speak up or forever hold your peace...
Can't be the 21st April, Paddy's hop market is on!
I'm open. Pick a date early so everyone can lock it into their calendar.
April 28 I'm out.

Voted April 14. Could also do May 12, 19 or 26.

If I can't make it, no worries.
Pretty much any date is good for me with this much notice. Might avoid the 28th being close to Anzac day and all.
i voted the 28th but any date will be good for me
Looks like we are leaning towards April 14.

Ill keep this going for a few more days
mmmm, due to my new location I may be struggling to make it this year.....But if the date works out I'll try to get down for it.
14th of april looks like its the go.

any more suggestions