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Central Coast, NSW
Hey guys, a while back there was a post somewhere about a promotion on some BrewDemon kits that were on sale (and past use by date).
I went ahead and purchased 2 of the 2 gallon kits (here) and 2 of the 1 gallon kit (here). Just got them delivered and was looking for ideas on how to make the most out of it.

My end goal with the extra 4 baby-conicals is to set aside part of my brews to experiment on. E.g. brew a double batch, add 30L to my main fermenter and split ~5/5/2.5/2.5 on the smaller fermenters and use different yeasts, different dry hops, different fermentation temperature, etc.. and do some comparisons to test what I like the most.

Given I got these extract kits, I'll use them... so the first ask for suggestions that I have is: what yeast should I use with each of the kits (they didnt sent a yeast package) and what should I do different in each one to experiment? This first round will be 2x one kit and 2x another kit, so perhaps I just experiment with different yeasts? Or same yeast and dry hop differently? My second round with these fermenters I can do a larger batch and split as described above..

Also, do you think the "cap" they provide instead of a blow off or airlock is safe? (you can see it in the 2gal photo, it's the little red thingy on top -- it's basically a plastic plug that has a bit of movement up/down to let gas off).

If anyone is from around central coast, happy for you to join the tasting day (hopefully we'll be free by then!)

Your plans in splitting the batches by yeast sounds good to me. Although personally, I’m more into yeast than hops…
What types of beers are the kits? (You might get some good suggestions for different yeasts to try…
The 1gal kit came with one can of Pilsner, the 2gal came with one can of dopplebock and one of creamy brown (so a Brown Ale?)
Do you have temp control? (Good enough to keep them at 10c for a couple of weeks)
Yes sir, I do
I can fit the 5 fermenters (including main 35L main) in the same fridge, that is temperature controlled. The reason I asked about the "cap" in the first post was because I can only fit everything in the same fridge if the baby fermenters are not using airlocks. If the caps are not trustworthy I'll use a bung with a beer/gas line in a sanitizer cup. I can pull the beer lines through the fridge shelves (see attached photo).


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Good to hear!

If it were me, I’d do the lagers first. One pils and one doppelbock with one lager (if dry yeast, w34/70), then the other pils and doppelbock with a different yeast (maybe S-23?).
Ok, so just to check if I understood.
You're saying I should make the pils and in one fermenter use w47 and in the other use s23 to compare the two lager yeasts?

And another day i do the doppelbock and use one yeast in each as well?
Basically, but if you can I’d start them all fermenting at the same time. (Better than storing open packages)

For lagers you’d expect the differences between two yeasts to be reasonably subtle. You could try something a little different, and do half with a kolsch yeast (like k-97). Then ferment at a compromise temp like 13c
I actually like that idea better. I'm starting out at homebrew experimentations and want to start understanding better what is what in the basics..
Do you reckon I could use a lager and a ale yeast? W34 handles ale temperatures right? Perhaps I get an ale that handles lager temperature and go midway? 😬👌👌

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