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Swap Double Beer Font Tower For Short Draft Beer Tap

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Hi All
I have recently bought a triple beer font tower, which has left me with a spare double beer font tower and one beer tap short, as I only have 2 beer taps. Therefore I was hoping to swap my double beer font tower for a short beer tap that will fit a beer font tower. I have attached an image of the tower that I want to swap, also I have included a image of one of my existing beer taps. The beer taps doesn't need to be exactly the same, just as long as it fits.

The tower was purchased at the grain and grape and comes as it is in the photo. There are additional pieces as it is the tower only.

I would prefer to swap locally and I am based in Melbourne, but I'm prepared to swap via post if there are no local takers.

If no swap is found happy to sell for $50

PM me if you are interested

Neil <_<



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