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I know the true cider people will say this is not good,but it is!!!!!!!!!
I have been useing:18 lts of woolworth apple juice
11.5 grams of us-05 yeast
and that is it,og is1.040 2days later the sg is 1.013 which give you a abv of 3.5%
I cold crash for 1 day,then bottle and leave at room temp for 16 hours then back in the fridge(you could pasturise(spelling is fun) now if you will have them for a bit but they do not last long enough here to worry)
This give you a clean crisp cider that I must say is very good & if you like a higher abv% just leave it 1 or 2 more days until you reach1.000 which will be 6%+
Let me know how you go if you try this.
mate, a hot day will send your 3.5% cider bottles into ww2 territory. I'm a fan of quick n dirty cider but I also do not pressurise them in glass, keep it under very low pressure and in the fridge in 2-3 Ltr batches.
I agree for the most part.
But 1 option is to keep them in a temp controled fridge as I do or pasteurize them.
Do some research on stove top pasteurizing it will kill all yeast at any stage and make your bottles safe.
But just to be safe I do use plastic pet bottles.
thanks for your responce.
Cheers mate

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