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  1. Old_barista

    How the hell are we?!

    Hey team. I’m Geoff and up here brewing, or attempting to, in Townsville. Currently have a pale ale bottle aging, pacific ale fermenting and a cider experiment fermenting and about to be racked to second stage. Not sure what to expect as I didn’t expect a “forum” to be still used. I look...
  2. T

    Hi, Cider question

    HI, first time here and had a look at a few of the posts already and got some great information The "Cider Kit" I purchased had a cider syrup tin which explains the recipe and what to add, and the instruction sheet I was given are different when is comes to bottling the brew. I was given a...
  3. C

    Pressure Fermented Cider

    Experimenting with pressure fermentation using a corny keg so the recipe is: 17 Lts of Woolies (or Coles) el cheapo apple juice ($1/Lt) make sure it's the no additives and no added sugar type 850gms white sugar 500gms lactose Dissolve the sugar and lactose in 4 Lts of the apple juice by...
  4. E

    Brewmate Cider

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas for the Brewmate Blackberry and Apple Cider Kit Done a search but couldn't find much Looking for a sweet but dry finish. Cheers,
  5. M

    Mangrove Jack's Apple cider fail! What do i do?

    Hi! Someone who has experience with Mangrove Jack's cider kit? If you have, I was unfortunate to put in the cider essence BEFORE fermentation, I later red over the instructions later where it was said to be put up after fermentation. Does this have any major outcomes? If so, what can I do to...
  6. M

    Session Mead yeast

    I'm looking to make a session mead (around 5% or 6% instead of the usual double digits). I have seen a lot of recipes with different yeasts, some people recommend beer yeast, others recommend normal mead yeasts. I have ec 1118, a champagne yeast, would that work for a session mead? I've also...
  7. M

    Filtering Wines/Ciders

    Hi all. So my girlfriend has a yeast allergy, so she can't drink most of the stuff at liquor stores, which is why I started making homebrew, in the hopes that I could make some yeast free drinks for her. I know that yeast is crucial for making alcohol, but we found a mead and a cider that she...
  8. muddytrails

    Cider fermentation on pause?

    I started a small 1 gallon batch of cider last Sunday using a bottled Honey Crisp cider from Trader Joes. Fermentation started off real nice, and then 2 days ago quit altogether. It's very cold in my area now, and our home brewery is not well heated. I checked the room temperature daily using...
  9. J

    Hello - John from tasmania

    Hey everyone, I'm only new to this as I got a mangrove jacks apple cider kit for Christmas. I'm 18yo and I think home brewing it going to be my new hobby I'm keen on trying pale ale next and eventually working my way up and up until I learn how to make spirits e.g. gins or rum maybe
  10. gazzagahan

    wood chips in cider

    hello cider heads, apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but how many grams of smoked wood chips should i be adding to a 20 litre batch of fermented apple juice prior to bottling. all the advice I've read around this has been a bit vague on detail. cheers! gaz
  11. D

    Any help welcomed

    Hello all brewers. I'm not a brewer as yet, I am however looking into starting. As I am not a beer drinker but I like my cider. I have zero idea where to start or what to do. If anyone out there has ideas or suggestions as to where I should begin it would be greatly appreciated. I know...
  12. T

    SafCider 500 not fermenting

    I tried making cider for the first time just recently using this yeast (around 8 grams) and about 2 gallons of store bought organic apple juice. It was definitely preservative free and pasteurised. The temperature read between 20 and 22 degrees celsius for over two weeks. I don't know if I made...
  13. A

    priming cider

    hi I'm just about to bottle some cider. last time I made it I used the carbonation drops I used two . I was just going to use sugar this time so I didn't need to buy the drops. Last time it was not bubbly enough how much sugar do people recommend for 750 ml pet bottles I like it very carbonated...
  14. BonezAU

    Oztops ABV

    I'm currently doing my first brew with Oztops and juice from the supermarket. I bought a hydrometer so that I could check out what sort of alcohol level I'm getting and have some questions. The first brew I put on was Woolies brand Apple & Blackcurrant juice, in a 2L bottle. I poured 1 cup of...
  15. BonezAU

    Oztops and sugar question

    Howdy all, I'm new to the forum and have recently put down my first batch of cider in juice bottles using Oztops. On Monday night I set up 1x 2L bottle Woolies apple juice and 1x 2L bottle Woolies Apple & Blackcurrant with 100g of sugar added. I'm not sure if I was supposed to somehow mix...
  16. J

    Pasteurisation - Stopping fermentation in cider

    Hey Guys, I wondered if anyone has advice on what temperature I need to bring my cider up to in order to stop it fermenting while not losing any alcohol to evaporation? I have just pitched my yeast in 30 litres of apple juice and the OG is 1050. I plan to pasteurise the cider when it drops to...
  17. X

    Cider: Pimping the Brigalow Kit.

    G'day All, a new brewer, but I have used the search function and read the sticky posts, I promise. Many of the threads I read didn't seem to come to a conclusion, but rather left open ended. I am looking for advice to pimp the Brigalow kit to suit a sweet palette. I snagged the kit with a new...
  18. Onslowsdry

    Alchema kitchen "Craft cider" maker - what do you think folk

    Details and funding status here:

    5 Litre Cider Yeast question

    Hey I'm quite an experienced All Grain BEER Brewer, having a little dabble in Cider. I'm thinking of doing a small 5 Liter Batch of Cider using organic apple juice. I'm using Mangrove Jacks M02 Cider yeast, 96 net weight. The directions on the yeast say: Sprinkle contents directly on top of...
  20. wareemba

    n00b Q - if i have a fermetned cider, can i add more juice to it and r

    hi, I have a 20L of apple juice which had 10g of safcider yeast added. it bubbled and fermented out to around .999 in a weekish... I transferred this to another fermenter and there it has sat for 6 days. (was going to bottle on the weekend) my wife loved the cider & blood orange brew I did in...