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  1. J

    First ever brew, need cider advice

    So, I am completely new to the whole homebrewing thing. I've been wanting to do it for a while but I only turned 18 2 weeks ago. My dad brought me a Black Rock Cider kit from Dave's homebrew store, and there were a few questions I have: 1. Should I just stick to the simple outline for the first...
  2. D

    How To Make Great Cider. Easily.

    Simple tutorial with simple recipes: How To Make Great Cider I'm not sure what the equivalent of Trader Joe's (grocery store) throughout Australia is... Maybe something like Mountain Creek Whole Foods in Canberra? Basically, the only thing you'd need it for is buying quality, 100% juices for a...
  3. H

    not so great brew...

    So a while back I made Aldi apple and blackcurrent cider. Used S09 yeast, nutrient and 400g lactose. Made 10litres. It is not so great as it has a weird sweetness to it. Please tell me...what fail safe recipe have you got that would make a dry (not dust dry) cider that I can drink in 4 weeks...
  4. H

    Apple and blackcurrant cider

    Well I made a small 10l batch of aldi's apple and blackcurrant juice. I added 400g lactose, S09 yeast, nutrient and about 250g dextrose. The SG was around 1.050. 3 weeks on and although I haven't heard any audible bubbling, the gravit is now 1.014. The cider is still sweet yet is already...
  5. H

    not sure what next

    Hi. I got a.couple of boxes of stanthorpe apple's and made 22l of juice and added a sachet of s04 with 25g of yeast nutrient. I did this last Friday night. The specific gravity at that stage was 1.50 (or 1.05, whichever is closer to the 1.00). I have made cider from the blackrock can before...
  6. B

    Golden Circle Pear, Apple, Raspberry Juice

    Hi All, This seems a fairly new product on the market. Link: http://www.heinzfoodservice.com.au/Our-Products/Bulk-Beverages/GC-2L-PET/Golden-Circle/Golden-Circle-Pear-Apple-Raspberry-Juice .. and it seemed perfect to me for a cider, so I thought I would do a little experiment to see how it...
  7. Onslowsdry

    UK apple juicing contest - "The Battle of Brogdale"

    Brogdale Cider Festival, 23rd and 24th August 2014, is hosting a demonstration of the traditional pulp and press, and novel juice and strain methods of obtaining fresh apple juice . This will take the form of a contest between these two alternative methods in a “fair test” trial. It promises to...
  8. TheBlackAdder

    Help with 'hobo cider' recipe

    Hi guys, To keep the missus happy and accepting of the hobby I have made one apple cider from the brewcraft strongbow clone kit. This turned out OK but nothing special. I have been doing some reading around here and for my next attempt am keen to try the 'hobo cider' method using store bought...
  9. shacked

    Cider Gushers.... help!

    I made a 23L batch of cider from a fresh wort kit and SN-09 yeast. It sat in the fermenter for 15 days @ 20C and went from an OG of 1.046 to a FG of 1.004. I bulk primed with 160g of dextrose, dissolved in 500ml of water. Fast forward a week and the first few bottles I opened gushed over the...
  10. ciderlover

    First Raw Apple Cider

    G'day gents, Kicked off my first raw apple cider last Sunday using 69 large Granny Smith apples which resulted in just under 8 litres of juice. We juiced them in a cheap slow juicer picked up from Target which did a pretty decent job for under $80. Once I poured the juice into my fermentation...
  11. shacked

    Cider - Priming

    I'm in the process of making my first batch of cider. I'm pretty new to brewing and have done about 4 batches of beer. I've used a fresh wort kit from ESB and SN-9 yeast. It's been happily bubbling away for over a week and the SG has been dropping. My question is regarding primping. I have a...
  12. C

    First Cider

    Hey there guys, I've got a few beers under my belt now and the missus has expressed interest in a cider and for her continued tolerance of my hobby I think it best to make one for her! I have picked up 20 liters of Aldi apple juice but I want it to come out as a sweeter cider with a fruit...
  13. Onslowsdry

    Cider making by the juice and strain process

    Follow the link please to New Zealand's Rural Living magazine's feature article: http://digital.ruralliving.co.nz/#folio=38
  14. S

    Dickens cider

  15. S

    Yeast alcohol production/tolerance

    A few months ago I bottled a JAOM which was as per the recipe with the exception of the yeast. I used Tandaco Bakers Yeast instead of Flieshmans. The OG was 1145 and the FG was 1040 for a ABV of 14% which seemed very high for a bakers yeast,so I did a little experiment. I made a brew--- 6L...
  16. N

    Am I doing this right

    hi just made my first brew, 2 "Extra Juicey" 2.4l 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1/3 teaspoon yeast..sn9 stopped fermenting after 10 days (airlock) racked into new demijohn for 3 days then bottled into 500ml bottles with 3/4 teaspoon of caster sugar just opened one to test.. very clear, no fizz Is...
  17. davedoran

    Slow Start to Cider Ferment

    Hi, Just looking for some advice on a cider brew. Its only a small one. I used the recipe I found on link below but used 3L cartons instead of 2.4's and adjuste the other quanties accordingly. http://aussiehomebrewer.com/recipe/950-somerset-gold/ I used 3L Apple Juice 3L Apple and Pear Juice...
  18. beercus

    Help with first cider

    Hi all, This is my first time posting but I have been around here for a while. Beer going well so I am attempting a cider for summer, I have used modified Franko recipe: 12 Litres 100% Apple juice no added flavours or preservatives (Woolworths) 6 Litres Apple & Pear juice no added flavours or...
  19. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features on American Homebrewers website

    My juice and strain cider making method featutes on the American Homebrewers Association website. http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/community/news/show?title=juice-strain-cider-making-of-the-future
  20. C

    Storing leftover Wyeast

    Hi guys, so i have just gotten into making cider and invested in a couple of 5l carboys. Now I plan in using wyeast 4766 for my cider however the packs are made for 23L brews, can I use 1/4 of the yeast for each cider I put down? Can I store the remainder of yeast without compromising it? Cheers !