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  1. G

    recipe similar to Somersby Cider

    Hi guys, just signed up to this Very informative brewing website and have made my first batch of Blackrock cider. tasted it, definatly needs longer. not sure if it will be sweet enough for me. in the meantime, i've grown to love Somersby cider, it's like drinking freshly picked apples with...
  2. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features on MAKE magazine's website, USA

    The link to a detailed step by step method is: http://makezine.com/projects/kitchen-table-cider-making/
  3. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain features in Hard Cider News, USA

    Article entitled, "Cider Making Made Easy for Home Brewers" is accessible at: http://www.hardcidernews.com/2013/jul13.html
  4. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain - HomeFarmer magazine, UK – “Easy Cider”, a pho

    Please follow the link for a flip over display of our four page article. http://issuu.com/goodlifepress/docs/home_farmer_august_2013_cider_extra
  5. Onslowsdry

    Cider - Juice and strain features in Your Vegie Patch magazine

    Please check out my blog for a feature article in Your Vegie Patch magazine - out now. http://juiceandstrain.wordpress.com/
  6. Samuel Adams

    Yeast for Cider ?

    What yeast do you prefer & how were your results with each yeast ? I'm about to have a go at some cider after seeing apple juice on sale at coles (and all you bastards inspiring me). I have 18L of juice; 4 x 3L apple & 2 x 3L apple & berry. I have safale S04 on hand and wondering if it will...
  7. Airgead

    How to get started in Cider. The definitive(ish) guide to beginner&#39

    The missus wants me to brew cider for her. Can I do that? Sure you can. Cider is easy. It's even easier than beer. Cool! She wants something like Rekorderlig. Can I do that? That's a bit harder. Those ciders need a bunch of extra processing to make them come out so sweet. Its really hard to...
  8. talco92

    What's the deal with cider secondary fermentation?

    I have 21L of woolworths brand apple-juice currently doing some nice bubbling away So I've been doing some googling and some aussiehomebrewering and have come to the understanding that letting cider sit in a PLASTIC secondary fermenter for longer than ~6months is not ideal. Can anyone comment...
  9. Onslowsdry

    Juice and strain - cider making made simple from whole apples

    Hello and greetings from Guildford, England. I have made a post to the Welcome Forum. However, two of your good countrymen have suggested that non-beer-brewing is where i should be, so here goes again. Please have a look at our short YouTube video, Cider making made simple at home. . Yes...
  10. M

    Another annoying cider thread

    Hey guys, Hoping we aren't all sick of cider threads just yet, as I'm another newbie he needs a (hopefully quick) hand. I've done a few beer brews now, and SWMBO and the housemates are demanding if I'm gonna be taking up common area all the time brewing and bottling they get something out of...
  11. Matty McFly

    Basic Cider Recipe Help

    Hey gang, Sorry for creating another cider post, I see there are a million here already, but I figure one more can't hurt. I'm still very new to this whole brewing gig, so I'm a tad confused and don't want to stuff this up. I want to make the batch at around 5% to 8% alcohol content. I was...
  12. N

    My first attempt at cider from juice

    Hey guys, I just put down a batch of cider using juice and thought I might share my results as they come along. I'm by no means an experienced brewer so I certainly won't be great for giving advice but I thought other might wnat to know how it turns out. So after some research I chose Wyeast...
  13. brettprevans

    good Food article - the truth about cider

    Not a bad article esp for those starting out in cider http://www.goodfood.com.au/good-food/drink/the-truth-about-cider-20130211-2e823.html?location=Melbourne Its great to see craft ciders its just a shame about their BS price tag. $22 for a 500ml bottle is highway robbery. But im sure people...
  14. T

    Winemaking log software

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it seemed the most fitting, feel free to move it mods. I've recently gotten started in winemaking and brewing in general. I've been keeping fairly good records as I want to be able to repeat and great successes and obviously avoid repeating failures. I've...
  15. pommiebloke

    Cider Not Attenuating - Safale S04

    I've had a turbo cider going for over 3 weeks now and although there was a lot of activity in the first week the hydrometer is now reading somewhere around 1.016 which seems a little high to me. Is this normal with S04 or should I add some more yeast perhaps? Tastes nice and sweet which is...
  16. A

    Recipe for cider in 5L demijohn

    Hi all, I'm newish to home brew and a total noob to ciders. I've read a few threads on here about beginner cider brewing in 4/5L glass demijohns and it just so happens I can get my hands on one very easily. Can anyone suggest a basic noob proof cider recipe for a 5L demijohn? I don't mind if...
  17. cyrrus

    Cider Yeast?

    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the yeast section, but I thought I'd catch the cider heads around. I'm thinking of making up a simple cider to fill up one of my empty kegs and take to a music festival coming up. Woolworths has golden circle juice on special at the moment for $2 for 2 Litres...
  18. 4

    First Cider i can replicate the taste

    Hi people, been brewin for a long time and like most of us we still experiment even if we are happy enough with our product. Been makin cider for a while and have always enjoyed it then i came across this Apple Cider recipe in one of the forums on this site. I have made this 3 times now and...
  19. L

    First Cider Brew, Thinking Hybrid

    Hi all, Just bottled my GB and I'm thinking cider is up next. I don't mind a drier cider but I would prefer something a bit sweeter I have an apple and a pear kit and I was wondering if anyone has done a half half brew with the kits. I could just use half of each then whack the rest in the...
  20. Dave70

    Woolworths Cider.

    Whilst waiting for the bank to open this morning I decided to kill a little time by purchasing all the ingredients for an experimental batch of cider from Woolies. Plus, I had the young bloke with me and riding in the trolly whilst yanking items off the shelves keeps him happy - and more...