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  1. D

    "pre-carbed" Cider?

    I bottled a small batch of cider last night and it was already a bit carbonated. Is this normal? I've never done a cider before and first time I've just used glad wrap instead of an airlock. It was just 2 bottles of Berri Apple/Pear (50/50), a strong cup of black tea and US-05. I didn't take...
  2. Robbo2234

    Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider

    Hi all, Missus is liking the Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider at the moment, I never have made a cider so I am not sure what I am doing. I was thinking around 20 liters of apple juice 50gms of elderflower and 5 limes crushed and boiled to kill the nasties stick it in a fermenter with the...
  3. JakeSm

    Mixed Berry Cider

    Hi all, i am quite new to the CIDER brewing, i have brewed an apple cider in the past and also observed a mate brewing his first ginger beer from scratch. i was after some ideas or recipes for a mixed berry cider. i need to know what sugars, yeast, volumes and how much berries to use, or...
  4. fletcher

    Is There A 'how To Cider' With A Beer Brew Kit Faq?

    Just as the title states, is there one? I've searched the site but can't find a how-to, so I googled it and came up with a bunch of interesting sites. I was just asking as I've just got a new coopers DIY beer kit and wondered how adaptable to cider it would be? Thanks all, and sorry if this...
  5. L

    Will This Taste Like Cider

    My misses has decided that she likes this cider with ginger in it and as it happened i had a 5 litre starter (bohemian pils) sitting on the kitchen table. So i shot off to the supermarket and brought 6 litres of preservative free apple juice and tipped the it in on top of a about an inch of the...
  6. sp0rk

    First Attempt At A Sweet Cider

    i've done a couple of ciders before and they've turned out dry as hell and undrinkable without backsweetening so i thought this morning i'd have a go at making something a bit sweeter, apple and mixed berry with some frozen berries in there for good measure 4 litres Apple Time apple and triple...
  7. nuggetron

    Raspberry And Passionfruit Cider

    was in coles today and saw tins of raspberry in syrup and passionfruit pulp in cans and was thinking i could use these in a cider to the likes of rekorderlig if i put these in some water and blend it, filter it into a saucepan heat with some brown sugar pour this into the fermenter throw in a...
  8. Helles

    Smells Like Apple Pie Cider

    This smelt great while cooking it up this afternoon Never made a cider let alone this one A mix of 3-4 different recipes i have been looking at 21Lt Apple juice (just juice ) 1Kg of honey 2 cups of brown sugar juice of one lemon (i read somewhere use to add the tartness you can only get fresh...
  9. grantsglutenfreehomebrew

    Dry Hopping Cider

    Hi all. Was just wandering if anyone has dry hopped a cider? And if so what sort of hops? Just bottle conditioning a roast apple cider & i think it could benefit from a light drop hop probably using any of the 4 c's.
  10. Gar

    Cider Over A Ginger Beer Cake

    I've got a suped up batch of Coopers Ginger beer fermenting at the moment & I'm thinking to myself why not throw a few bottles of Apple juice and some Lactose over the yeast cake when it's finished. Is this a stupid idea? will the coopers ginger ale yeast/cider combination be horrible? It...
  11. L

    Interesting Cider/wines Made With Juice

    Just wondering if there's any seldom discussed ingredients anyone has tried that works well in cider/poor man's wine. I got caught up in the moment and bought a juice fountain the other week so I'm now interested in using Aldi apple juice and adding in the juice of various fruits... but where...
  12. E

    Turning A Dry Cider Sweet

    Okay - I'm having a party on sunday night - the kind that involves 5 corny kegs \o/ I've got a Scrumpy Style Cider (with Cinnamon) - problem is it that it's rather strong, acidic and dry. It's decent but a bit 'unbalanced' So I thought, if this was a sweet cider - things might taste a lot...
  13. mjadeb1984

    Abit Of Cider Advice.

    hi all last tuesday the 29th of may i put down i cider. ingrediants as followed 1 can black rock cider 1 x 2.4L berri apple juice 1 x 2.4L berri apple and pear juice 250g lactose and a brew enhancer pack consisting of 500g dex 250g light DME 250g Malto dextrine. and i used a Wyeast Cider...
  14. G

    Show Us Your Cider Trees

    I'm starting this thread because I'm so impressed by the hop thread, shows that people on this forum do like to grow stuff. It's now the time of year when you need to plan new cider apple trees. If you want to raise your own trees it is a good time to sow apple seeds for rootstocks. You can use...
  15. B

    Apple Cider & Ginger Beer

    Greetings veteran and learned brewers. I have just joined the forum, (thank you, and have just picked up a Giner Beer ... Pack and an apple cider ... pack from ... ....... ......, What i was seeking to know, is, other than using the ready to go packs (which is no guarantee...
  16. nathan_madness

    Double Cider And Juicy Cider

    So I got my fermentation fridge sorted today. Temp controller in a F&P C340 it can hold 3 23L fermenters. Looks pretty sweet. Decided to do a bit of a test run so I brewed up a couple of batches one I named "Double Cider" and the other "Juicy Cider". I have never used Cider kits before but...
  17. R

    Cider Recipe

    Hi All, My next project is something of a departure for me. I want to try making 4 to 5 litres of medium, sparkling, cider / perry with a hint of ginger and chilli to about 5% abv. I've done a bit of research and I'm finding info specific to what I intend a little hard to come by. I've...
  18. beermonster17

    Cider Using Syrup

    Hi all,I have been making cider with all different brands of apple juice using a cider yeast but I still can't seem to get anywhere near a commercially branded brew. I have tried the kits but they lack in taste and body and I have tried the pear juice to take the edge off the dryness. The best...
  19. E

    Cider Carbonation Questions.

    Ok. So I am making some cider as some of you will have already gathered from my previous post. Although it is not ready to bottle yet, I am just trying to get my head around hat I will need to do to prime it when the time does come. I have decided that I will use apple juice to prime instead...
  20. Shadow Ironheart

    Mangrove Jack Cider

    Any hints, corrections, or tips eagerly wanted. I want to do a either a mangrove Jack Cider or Black Rock Irish Cider. The wife likes a sweeter cider than is generally on the market. I though about only using up to 15 liters of water but using brown sugar. And was going to use Saaz hops. Any...