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  1. willpower

    Looking For Apple Cider Bottles

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me where to find suitable apple cider bottles? I have read that I need to have proper cider bottles that are of a higher strength than beer bottles. Can you tell me what other options I have for bottling if any?
  2. smilinggilroy

    Carbonation Level For Cider

    Hi All, I am about to bottle a cider in the next day or so and wish to know what would be the ideal carbonation level? Would like to know how to calculate the level for carbonating (bulk priming)? I ask these questions as in the past I did a cider and carbed it at 2.5. It turned out flat as but...
  3. D

    Cider - Potassium Sorbate? - Fermintation Stoppers

    I have a cider almost competed fermintation which will be a little dry and have an alc% of approx 7-8. Im considering watering down, back sweetening then kegging to make it a little sweeter but not quite so much kick (approx 5%) but wasnt real sure how to stop the fermintation of the residule...
  4. W

    Brigalow Apple Cider .

    Made Brigalow Apple Cider with 2 cans 26L 2 kg sugar has unpleasent aftertaste , Could this be artifical sweetners they put in the mix.Hoping will inprove when carbinates in bottles or may have to mix with lemmonade to kill taste ,was going to add the extra water to make 36 L.
  5. L

    First Cider Results/question (it's Crap)

    Hi, I have kegged my first cider and I'm not too happy with the results. I suppose my first question would be - is it normal to have the yeasty sort of aftertaste? I was hoping for something similar to commercial ciders with a clean crisp taste at the end. If it is possible to get this, how...
  6. D

    Cider From A Juice Concentrate

    hello forum, first post and its one that will probably get a few tuts...here goes would i be wasting my time trying to make cider from juice concentrate? i know fresh juice is the answer but its scarce and expensive as where i am... any pointers appreciated dave
  7. jivesucka

    How Is Clear Cider Even Possible?

    was at a pub and thought i'd try the monteiths crushed apple cider. it looked like lemonade, there was absolutely no cloudiness or colour to speak of. it was a clear fizzy apple drink. i got home and had a long hard think about it and it continued to confound me. does one use a 60L fermenter and...
  8. P

    Strawberry Cider Rekordering Style

    recently tryed i think its called rekordering strawberry and lime cider and am diffidently keen to create something similar and wondering if anyone knows where you could buy strawberry juice or concentrate in Melbourne???
  9. S

    Rekorderlig Pear Cider

    My brother got me a bottle of the above mentioned Swedish Perry. It is bloody delicious. Probably too sweet for most, but it has an amazing smoothness and vanilla quality that i love. Have other people tried it? I highly recommend. I was also hoping someone will post saying they love it and have...
  10. super_simian

    Successful First Cider

    I recently made my first cider, and my experience was very positive in fact it seems almost foolproof and very drinkable. The "recipe" was ridiculously simple: 10 litres apple juice (5x 2l Aldi preservative free, $1.89ea) tsp Yeast nutrient 1 packet Coopers dry yeast (re-hydrated in water)...
  11. S

    Sulfur Smell In Cider

    I've opened 2 stubbies of a new (my first) batch of cider recently. Both of them gave off a faint whiff of sulphur smell when opening. Just wondering if this will dissipate with time? I'm not really worried about it- i know that smell is often produced during fermentation and it hasnt affected...
  12. The Giant

    How Do I Make My Cider Sweeter?

    Howdy All Did a rough small batch of cider for a bit of a test and was pleseantly suprised. Bought 2 x 3 litre just juice apple and pear juice Add yeast nutrient 7g coopers standard kit yeast from a cerveza coopers can of goo Split these and put even amounts in each 3 litre bottle of juice and...
  13. DigitalGiraffe

    Yes Another Cider Question...

    So I have grabbed myself 23litres of juice from the supermarket (preservative free as mentioned in many threads on here). I also picked up a can of goulburn valley pear juice (it says its preservative free also). Will this be ok to add to get a bit more sweetness? My LHBS gave me some SN9...
  14. birusuki

    First Cider Help Needed

    So I`m just about to try a cider, using juice from the super market. Now the thing is I`m in Japan and cant tell if it has additives or not. I bought one litre and put some in a jar with a bit of yeast and it seemed to ferment ok. So I`m guessing it will be ok. $1 a litre. I can also get berri...
  15. Chookers

    First Apple Cider Proposal?

    I would like to make a cider and have been looking at the recipes in the data base here. I was wondering if I combined them what sort of results would I get if I did this: 3L Cloudy Apple Juice 1L Tinned Pear Juice Juice of 1/2 a lemon 1 Cup of Black tea 400g Dextrose 100g Honey 1 Cinnamon...
  16. D

    Apple And Blackcurrant Cider

    Hi fellow brewers I want to run an idea of a new cider recipe. I have made cider's before using backrock cans, 1kg of dex and 500gm of lactose. It came out ok but still quite dry. I have been reading alot about cider recipe and the way to get it sweet is to use apple / pear juice it seems...
  17. A

    Champaine Yeast - Cider

    Hey all, Have since finished off my last cider, which i loved!! It was simple, tasted beautifully fruity and nice mix of sweet to dry.... So im going to make it again... BUT in my move i have lost my ingrediants list! :o So after having a cry for an hour or so i tried to remember what i...
  18. S

    Low Alc Cider?

    Hi there, i was just wondering if anyone has managed to make a low % cider- like, 3% or something. I understand when using either fresh apple juice or just store bought stuff, it tends to go from 1.050ish all the way down to 1.000 or thereabouts. However, i'd quite like to make a cider that...