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Session Mead yeast

Discussion in ''Non Beer' Brewing' started by Machiavelli, 15/7/18.


  1. Machiavelli


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    Posted 15/7/18
    I'm looking to make a session mead (around 5% or 6% instead of the usual double digits).
    I have seen a lot of recipes with different yeasts, some people recommend beer yeast, others recommend normal mead yeasts. I have ec 1118, a champagne yeast, would that work for a session mead?

    I've also heard that they don't need aging, that the time they spend in the fermenter (up to a month or so) is all the aging they require. What makes this so? I get that it has a lower abv than typical mead, but it's still about the same strength as a normal cider yet cider can take over 6 months to age.
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