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I had a 2.5L plastic container that I bought an extract kit in that looked like an incy-wincy fermenter, and recently I've been disappointed with the hoppiness IPA extracts I've bought. So of course I created a micro-batch. Because of it's small size, it's relatively simple on the sugars, but thought it might be worth trying.

Here is the full recipe.

23L Batch
4.6kg Amber Dry Malt
46g Northern Brewer @ 60
23g Northern Brewer @ 20
46g Amarillo @ 20
46g Amarillo @ 5
10g Amarillo @ 0
Safale US-05 pitched at 20C

Oh and I tried to convert the lid of the container with a hole to fit an air lock but that didn't work out so well, so it's got about a 2cm diameter hole in the lid, and I've covered the lid with gladwrap. I figured that the gladwrap is loose enough to let gas out (it seems after a nice quick start to the fermentation that the gladwrap is working well. C02 can out-gas via the channels in the wrinkles of the plastic.)

I'm not sure how I'm going to bottle, I've got some pvc hose I use for racking so I might tie it to the container at a decent depth and stick the bottling tube in the end of the hose using gravity to empty the beer into the bottles. If anyone has had more experience and has a better option i'd love to hear it because I don't want to ruin what I think will be a great little beer.

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