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I've got a Steam(ish) beer at the end of primary. Brewed with a lager yeast at 16C for two weeks now and it's done.

I just have some questions about the best way to finish it. I read that traditionally it was primed in the cask with krausening wort. No probs, I'll do that in a keg. But once it's had time to carbonate, should I burp it and lager, or just put it in the fridge and let it lager fully gassed? Does it need to lager at all? I don't think I'll need a diacetyl rest, as it's brewed quite warm anyway, and there is no taste of diacetyl.

Advice on where to go from here appreciated.

I'd treat it like an ale. Lagering is a luxury but not necessary. It's also OK to lager it fully-carbonated.

Did you use Northern Brewer hops?

Warren -
Thanks Warren.

I bittered with NB, and a good whack of them with 15 mins to go but I chucked in tett for aroma (hence the "ish"). It's also a little high in OG... but the intent is there. Just a Steam adjusted to my tastes.

I have a couple brews ahead of it, so it might get a couple weeks' lagering just by waiting its turn for a tap.

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