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I have a LCPA mashing away at the moment and I am thinking of doing a second brew tomorrow just to be sure I have enough! :chug: :chug: :chug:

I was thinking of maybee using 1 or 2 litres of the first brew from the fermenter to start the second off rather than make a starter up for the second brew.

Anyone tried this? Would 1L or 2L be enough? I will either do this or save a litre or so of the wort from today to use to start tomorrow.
I haven't tired it, but I can't see why it wouldn't work, unless the first beer had not started fermenting yet (ie you would not be able to get enough yeast out), and the second beer was very similar in style to the second.

I'd be aiming at around 2 litres to make sure.

is this similair in theory to pitching onto the yeast cake of a brew after racking? sounds sort of like the same thing, which would lead me to believe that it should work.
I am not sure if 2L wort would have enough yeast cells in them to strongly ferment the second beer. Two litres of krausen probably would, I have done the odd emergency crop & pitch, got a stuck barley wine ferment to kick off again that way.

If 2L wort is the best you can do, make sure the wort is well aerated and aerate twice a day for the next 3 days.

I should know HM cells you should pitch and HM there would be in 2L wort, but my eyes always glaze over when billions of cells/ml etc are discussed.

Jovial Monk
Well as it turns out I was late in making my starter for brew one and its activity was pretty poor when I was ready to pitch ;) so I pitched half (1L) and it is slowly taking off now (12hrs) ... I have the other 1L which now has a nice krausen will go into brew 2 ... ahh well the stocks will be boosted now.

I have resorted to plonking the fermenters in the bath an plonking ice from the freezer in it every day. Should be able to maintain 22deg. :)
I would still aerate twice a day for 3 days

I pitched an unsmacked WY sachet into a impromptu brew, aerated like crazy, had a good strong complete ferment

Jovial Monk
For this to be effective I would have to take the lid off and let any CO2 out before shaking the crap out of it wouldn't I?
hmmm best way i know to aerate is just let the wort run from one fermenter into another one just below it.

yup, you want the yeast to have tons of O2 when they can stomp any bacteria in your wort

Jovial Monk

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