Starsan In Sydney?

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Hi guys,
Anybody buy starsan in sydney, if so, where.
I would have thought that starsan would be a pretty standard item for a home brew store. But I'm still on my first bottle so I haven't had to look for it again. Assuming it is standard, then you just need to find your nearest brew shop.

Go to put in your address so you see it on the map, then type in home brew and it should bring up the nearest ones. It might pay to see where the nearest place to your work is too.

Or like the previous poster said, order some from one of the forum sponsors. Come to think of it, my starsan came from craftbrewer, but I visited the shop in person. Biggest brew shop I've seen.
Assuming it is standard, then you just need to find your nearest brew shop.

You know what they say about Assuming - it makes an Ass of U and Ming.... wait - what?

Most Sydney LHBS's don't know their arse from their elbow.... my proper local ones still think sodium met is hip... or square - if hip isn't hip anymore.

Sponsors. Press the links up ^^^^^ there... there's a couple of sydney ones, but there's also this wonderful thing called Australia Post, where this lovely man will drop off boxes full of shit you can buy without getting up off the couch!
Almost a year on and I have the same question.

Seems like only QLD and VIC HBS stock StarSan

Anyone in Sydney found some before I order a $19 bottle plus $13 postage?
I wouldn't worry about the price, really. A big bottle of Starsan should last you just about forever.
i know but why the f*** does nobody stock it in sydney
no idea, maybe the fact that you dont sell as much of it.
im still on the first bottle and ive been going 5 years and thats with the wife using it on the babys stuff.
yeah i find that a bit strange. it's the most popular (from what i can tell) sanitiser and yet no sydney brewshop i know stocks it.
Craftbrewer is still your best bet. I'm from Sydney but still find them the easiest for my hops, grain and starsan needs etc. - postage is always very reasonable.
Just get a big bottle of it and it will last preeeetty much forever - even when spraying it on everything as I do.

$30 for 5+ years of cleaning brewing gear is a very small price to pay.
We are the Australian distributors. Just ask your local homebrew store to contact us if they wish to stock it.
No one in Sydney or WA is currently purchasing.