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Pumpy's Brewery.
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Today was my first brewday since November ,
Ready to try my new stainless gauze wire bazooka thing in place of my copper manifold in my mash tun everything looks great .

That did not work although was not blocked when I pulled it out, pulled all the grain out and put my trusty copper manifold in .

rushed allowing the grain bed to settle ,pulled all the grain out again .

left ten mins this time ran like a dream .

Un tested change is always a risk .!!!!!!

Generaly sparging goes Ok , I had a couple of variables this time , I crushed my grain new Manifold .

On reflection I dont think either were to blame as when it eventually flowed it went great .

Sparging to me is a mystery is ther an easier way ?or am I doing something wrong ?


Sparging is when you run the hot liquor through the grain bed at a controlled rate to "rinse"any residual sugars that may be left behind, a bit like squeezing a teabag to get the most from it. There are various methods, fly, spray and the flavour of the moment is batch sparging, which it could be argued is not really sparging at all.
If you are getting the anticipated amount of wort out in reasonable time and an efficiency of around 75% then all is well in Pumpyland. Everyones methods and equipment are slightly different what counts is the end result.
Go forth and sparge.
Thanks Vlad ,
I suppose I am batch sparging , I am using a cooler as a Tun I probably end up with too much water which compresses the grain bed .
I rarely get a stuck spargewith my simple ale recipies it is usually when I change to a recipe that never done before.
I am getting good effiecincies so yes all is well in Pumpyland .
And it tastes great ,I love my beer .


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