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A few years back I did a Morgans Yukon Smoked Brown Ale, which I thought was OK. so anybody got a recipe, or just tinker with a tin again. ???
I was told by a HBS owner about a year ago that they had actually tamed down that kit as it was too smokey for a lot of people.
When I used to do kits I quite liked it. Went well with pizza :lol:

I've done a number of AG smoked beers as have a number of other guys here. Are you looking for AG recipes ?

The ESB Belgian Smoked Ale is the most smoked kit I've tasted.

I loved it, but a few of my mega swill friends thought bacon was one of the ingredients.
No not thinking of AG just yet, just graduated from K&K to extract, but willing to go back to a kit plus whatever for this one.
You could just do a partial mash using smoked malt. Start with small doses and work your way up.

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