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I've made my last two batches with Californian Ale Yeast and have found that it's incredibly slow to process.

It has a huge "head" on it after a day or so which takes at least a week or so to diminish. The full process takes at least two to three weeks. It's taking the same time as my lagers (at 12-14 degrees) or even a little longer. The Ale is inside at around 20 degrees.

Is Californian Ale Yeast normally this slow?

Are other liquid Ale Yeasts also this slow?

I dont know about that particular yeast, but i know the liquid yeast i have used in the past ferment out in about a week at 19-20 deg. What temp are you running at?
Did you use a starter and aerate the wort?

Fermenting at around 20 degrees. Sometimes goes a few degrees higher if the missus has the fire stoked up too much.

Did use a starter and well aerated.

Maybe it's just the CA yeast??

It certainly produced good results. Extremely clear and tasted great. First batch finished at about 1.011 or so, so it certainly wasn't a problem with being stuck.
Has *anyone* here used the Californian Ale Yeast to confirm one way or another if it's always this slow??

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