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Hi All,

I know there are side effects of temperature being to high and fermenting out to fast, but are there any of fermenting too slow?

I pitched US05 at 23 degrees on its way down to 15 degrees. After 4 days had only lost 6 gravity points. I have turned the temp up to 17 to get a bit more action.

I dont think there is anything wrong with the yeast as once the hydrometer sample warmed up it started bubbling and the sample lost 10 more points over night.

Any information would be appreciated.


Nick Penno
I think US05 doesn't like being below 16C, but at 15 I think you'll just find its a long slow clean ferment
yes the yeast will go to sleep if fermented to low. I think us05 can be fermented at 15c but I would pitch 2 packs of yeast if fermenting this low. 17-20 would be better to keep the yeast around that.

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