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Mister clark

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NHi all,

Hope you're all well.

I used to casually frequent the forums and used to own a 20L Braumeister that I had to sell when moving back to blighty (visa issues) but now back in Oz so looking to get another single vessel eBIAB setup and was looking for suggestions.

My requirements:
  1. Single vessel - I'm space poor.
  2. Must be able to brew an 8% beer - 10% would be awesome (love to do an proper imperial stout).
  3. I don't want to have to double mash/do something else other than mash to get to these numbers.
  4. Minimum final volume 19L - I like to brew often and like to try new styles.
  5. Happy to import from US/other country.
  6. Not interested in DIY build
  7. Electric.
I've shortlisted the following systems:
  1. 20L/50L Braumeister - Loved the 20L but making anything over 7% was a PITA - not really sure this is the answer for me. Expensive.
  2. Colorado Brewing Systems Nano Brewer Home - US product - no idea of where I live will meet the power requirements. My favorite system at the mo.
  3. Grainfarther - Leaning towards this as my understanding is it can accommodate a 9KG grain bill. No issues with electric. Should work out the box.
  4. Blichmann Breweasy - Looks good, from what I can see though no Australian controller at the mo.
Would love to hear some opinions from the folks on the forum or if there are any other suggestions.

Just to add, I would pull the trigger on Colorado Brewing Systems rig but worried about the power requirement as I live in a rented house - if anyone can advise how I can go about working out if it will work/what mods I would need to make it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and/or reply :)

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