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I intend to brew a 14ltr Dr Smurto GA over the weekend but on opening my grain and yeast order I realised I have ordered Safale-S04 instead of Safale US-05. Is there really a huge difference? I realise one is more an American yeast (05) and the 04 is more for a English ale. Could I get away with using the S04 instead of US-05 or should I wait a week or two until I can get to my LHB shop and get some US-05? If using the US-04 would I still ferment at 18c for 12-14 days ?
Thanks Guys, any help appreciated
Al :beer:
SO4 will be fine - use same as us-05

Cheers Ross
I find the "stone fruit" hops like Amarillo (also Nelson and Citra) go really well with fruity esters from the yeast (which S04 make, but US05 doesn't).

Almost seems like you've used a different hop if you ferment in the upper temperature range.
I seem to remember for somewhere on the forum that the Wig n Pen at Canberra uses (used, will use....) SO4 for most of their beers, most of which are of American ilk?
Thanks Guys I appreciate your input, seems like its all go then.

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