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All Blacks IPA

IPA - India Pale Ale
All Grain
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Brewer's Notes

Mash at 65c for 90mins. I also add 4g Gypsum.
I use Green Bullet, Wai-iti and Rakau hops in this beer. Since the DB doesn't have these hops, Sub Williamette for Wai-iti Hops and Sub Saaz B for Rakau hops.
0 min addition is Dry Hopped on the fourth day of fermentation.

I get 68 IBUs in Beersmith. It tends to finish about 1.013-14 resulting in 6.2% ABV. This beer has impressed Brewers and non-Brewers.

Malt & Fermentables

% KG Fermentable
3.49 kg BB Pale Malt
1.395 kg Weyermann Munich II
0.335 kg TF Pale Crystal
0.28 kg Weyermann Carafa Special II
0.085 kg TF Pale Chocolate Malt


Time Grams Variety Form AA
40 g Williamette (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 0mins)
30 g Williamette (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 30mins)
30 g Williamette (Pellet, 5.5AA%, 15mins)
20 g Saaz B (NZ) (pellet, 8.0AA%, 30mins)
20 g Saaz B (NZ) (pellet, 8.0AA%, 15mins)
18 g Green Bullet (Pellet, 13.5AA%, 60mins)


50 g DCL Yeast US-05 - American Ale
20L Batch Size

Brew Details

  • Original Gravity 1.061 (calc)
  • Final Gravity 1.015 (calc)
  • Bitterness 77.5 IBU
  • Efficiency 70%
  • Alcohol 5.99%
  • Colour 64 EBC


  • Primary 7 days
  • Conditioning 1 days
Gday JackNohe,

Which end of the BIPA Spectrum are you heading? American IPA thats Black or or Hoppy Porteresk?

It can be both in a fashion but there seems to be a definition between brewers who want only the colour of the dark grains and brewers who want some of the dark character.

The colour will certainly come out dark enough, ruby highlights with the torch like, the use of such a small amount of light choc is confusing me though if its for colour sub for midnight wheat and it'll be black as the ace of spades, if its for colour and flavour that small an amount could be subbed for straight Choc and youd bump the colour also.

maybe your after a more subtle taste but i tend to be subtle like a brick though the front window,

Im guessing im wondering about the efficacy of the flavour of that small amount of light choc but ive only used it in percentages with choc, never tasted it on its own.

Motueka and Willamette loks a weird combo but Willamettes supposed to throw a little lemon and Lemon Lime is motuekas described characteristics . let us know how they go together as I have a power of both.

I make an BIPA on the hoppy porter side with more choc and midnight wheat for colour, its only 57IBU's, It needs a bump up but I think 80 IBU"S is high IMO. 70 would be my max.
Hi Charst

I know what you mean about the BIPA spectrum. My view was that I couldn't stomach making a beer that was black without a little dark grain flavour. However, to make the hops pop so it was more American IPA like I didn't want to go too far. So I add a little Pale choc malt which combines nicely with the Carafa II that I include in the mash (I don't like the idea of just adding it to the last 10 mins of the mash for colour only...) and it provides enough dark ale malt backbone to combine with crystal sweetness and hops for a nice finish. Its not subtle in dark malt flavours but it doesn't over power either.

As for the hops, perhaps you started replying before I had finished adding the notes. Since they don't have the hops I use I just selected ones from the DB and provided the sub. So Williamette = Wai-iti, and Saaz B = Rakau. I've just updated the notes to make it clearer.

IBUs work out at 68 in Beersmith for me and its just right in terms of balance with the dark malt backbone and crystal flavours.

I've made this recipe a few times with basic tweaks along the way (as you do) and I can say its a definite house beer. Its won 'Best Beer of the Night' twice in a row at our local brew club. So I guess there's something in it... ;-)

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