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0 I have

1 x kg of malt grain crystal (ebc 115-145)
1 x can thomas coopers sparkling ALe
1 X canThomas coopers Malt Extract Light
a heap of pride of rignwood and cluster hops
and about 30g of amarillo...
looking to make 20 litres

I treid to make the dr smurnos golden ale version but the org gravity was around 1.070?

Any suggestions would be apreciated.
Sparkling Can
Tin of Extract
150g crystal steeped (then boiled to get rid of nasties)
Dry hop with the Amarillo
US05 yeast
Too much crystal there use a maximum of around 300g steep in 65C water 2 litres for at least 30mins or overnight if you use cold tap water. After steeping remove the grain and boil the liquor.

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