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I've got a brew thats been sitting in the CC for about a week and I wanted to keg it tonight.
By the book, I'm meant to gas it at a higher pressure for 2 days and then take it back to drinking pressure.

Is there any way I can speed up this process? What about this rocking method I've heard about? I'd like to have a sample of her as soon as possible!
Gas it up too 300KPA disconect the gas line
Rock or rather shake it like shit ,
Again attach the gas and gas it , you'll here the gas entering the keg again
Repeat this 3-4 times , then burp the keg
It's now ready to pour a normal dispencing pressure
Thanks for that Batz.
After I burp the keg, how long should I leave it before I pour that first glass? Straight away okay or let it settle for a while? I am assuming when I burp it I burp it down to normal drinking pressure?
gday volcano
as an alternative check out docs posting in the gear and equipment section.topic was carbonation caps and i reckon its a great way to check ya beer in secondary or cc so you know how its going.
bit off topic but thought i would throw it in as it seems your hanging out for that first draught beer and this seems like a great way to see how ya travelling.

big d B)
Rapid Kegging

Rack beer into keg - burp keg.
Use presure of 250-200kpa
Place keg on its side and rock keg backwards and forwards for 5 mins.
Will hear tha CO2 going thru the reg and being absorbed into the beer.

After 5 mins - stand keg upright - disconect gas and let stand in the fridge for at least 1/2 hour - 1-3 hours is better.

When wanting to serve - release keg presure - hook up keg with pouring presure and pour.

the standing time is to let the beer settle from being frothed up with the rocking.

Happy rocking and drinking.
I'll be getting some Kegs soon, whats this burping the keg????

The carbonating cap looks like the go. Unfortunately I don't have one and won't make it to my HBS before it closes, so I'll have to rock, rock, rock my way into my beer.

I am really hoping that this beer tastes better. It was in the fermenter for 9 days (finished fermenting after 7) and it's been in the clearing cube for just under a week. I've also put in some saaz (dry hopped) for a better aroma when it went into the CC.
burping the keg is clearing the O2 out of the headspace. (I think?)
3 short burts usually does it..
volcano is right.

Burping the keg.

Conect gas line at gassing presure - leave for a minute - thre short bursts on the presure releif valve.

I have made up and used to sell an out of fridge gassing/rocking/burping gear.
I also burp/rock and gas my beer thru the inlet - outside the fridge.
Use a 2m gas line to a liquid disconect thru a "t"piece and a ball gate valve.
All this burping is giving a guts ache :(

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