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Pumpy's Brewery.
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My son in law built me the frame I fitted it out .

I just got to plumb in the gas .

It has nice 80 Kg wheels so I can move in an out the garage .

it is a more compact version to store in the garage .The wheels lock when it is in position .

I went to the metal store early in the morning and they cut all the 'holey galvanised steel' , it was cheap too all cut too size cut out of scrap they were really helpful so early in the morning I was their only customer .

I glammed it up with a bit of mini corrugated gal steel .

I still have a bit of work to do .

looks good pumpy i love that mini orb stuff
Thats a very neat setup Pumpy..

You and Tony should start a business up making AG equipment.

Just dont tell ross, or he will want to sample every beer ever made from each unit.... :p
Nice work Pumpy. That's very tidy indeed... and compact. The mini orb is a classic look. B)

You could even put a draw bar on it and brew on the way home from work!
Jazman & Borret your right about the mini orb I was thinking of cladding it all but I thought on the end it would be a bit too much.It really think the touch gives it a 'Bush Brewery' feel!

Duc Stu, I cut my hands enough with all that Gal , I have been at it all weekend ,
I could put a couple of brackets on to put Tonys grain mill on the side that would look good .

It should save me time when I wheel it out to brew.not having to connect the gas lines .

I was thinking of adding a pump but I am unsure if the pumps are a lot of hassle priming them .

Not too shabby Pumpmeister, not too shabby at all. :super: :super: :beerbang:

Warren -
Very nice, looks good. I think given your AHB name, you would require a nice pump ;) wouldn't you? It's the next step mate :D Or change your name to Pumpless or Pumpy-go-no-no. :p

By the way, how are you transferring from the mash tun to kettle at the moment? Draining mash tun into a fermenter then lifting onto mash tun to carefully drain into the kettle using a hose? Or are you just collecting into a container of some sort then dumping it into the kettle? Curious.

Cheers, Justin
Thanks Warren ,
glad it meet a level of approval

Justin ,

I have kept things simple so far , I like to keep an eye on the clarity of the wort out of the mash tun and I cant work out how to do that when using a pump I drain all the wort out then I sparge and just make sure that running at that time are clear again .

I used to carefully pour it into using a hose but these days I just pour it in from the fermenter as it has not made any difference if you are reffering to Hot side areation .

Is your March pump doing a good job ?

Pumpy without a pump?????????????????????

Just add in a small lenght of clear tube so you can see how clear it is.

I am going to order the sreel for mine next week mate..... you have inspired me.

I was thinking of mounting the mill on the side of the rig..... that would liik preety cool hey.

I am building a sight glass for the HLT at the moment, i hope it works.

nice work mate, looks great.

Hey why dont you mount your mill opn the side. yours is flasher than mine.

Jaz, you gotta come over to check out my joint and have a brew sometime.
I reckon you'd like it.
You can bring the beer :)
Nice rig. I dream of a rig like that on a frequent basis.

Just a point, I wouldn't attach the mill to that rig just on the off chance that grain mill dust gets on your rig and may possibly contaminate beers you do brew. Change is low i know, but considering all that effort you put in, it wouldn't be hard to make a seperate grain mill stand that could be done away from your rig, minimising this risk.

Cool banana's Pumpy.

The pump hasn't been used in anger yet, only to pump water around in mock setups and tests. I need a few more plumbing fittings to get it to the stage that I can use the pump but I have no doubts it will be a great addition.

Pictures to come when it's done. As for the clarity of the wort issue, I have got thick walled 1/2" silicone hose from Grain and grape and hopefully will have enough length to do all the lines in the brewery (yet to be seen though) and it it opaque. So I was planning on making an inline site glass using some left over polycarbonate tube from a sight glass that will allow me to monitor clarity when recirculating. I got 12-13mm polycarbonate tube and it fits nicely into 1/2" copper fittings (very tightly). With a bit of silicone it will be good to go.

Cheers, Justin
I wouldn't mount the mill on the frame. Always best to mill away from where you brew. Grain dust can be a problem when cooling/pitching.

Just make sure you shield your cooler from the burners. They look like they may wind up fairly close too each other. Close enough to buckle or even burn the outside of the cooler. :ph34r:

Warren -
Warren your dead right , I wondered if anyone would pick it, I am in the process of making a couple of insulated Firewalls .which should take care of that design fault

Kungy and Darren You may have a point there with not to mount the grain mill it does make dust that sticks everywhere.

Tony thanks for the idea clear pipe for the pump .

Yes Pumps, grain dust in the air when you're brewing is not good....
Mmm, Lactic tang.

Ok if your after a sour mash for guinness.

Cheers, JD
pumpy when cutting the galv mini orb or need SHARP & striaght snips like th elong handle gilbows that make cuttining thatt stuff easy
Ok Guys will keep the grain mill seperate to the frame

Jazman Thanks for the tip on cutting the mini orb I have a bit more to do

im a sheety lt me know if u need any advice

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