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Just thought i would drop all u guys a line to say that u will not be blessed with my wisdom and knowledge or lack there of in the future. As i have got a new job as a Development Officer with the Newcastle City Council (council inspector). In my old job as a draftsman i was able to browse the site all day long but in my new job i will be on the road most of the time and when in the office i dont think i will have time to surf the net, but i will access at night time from home to keep up to date.
I got a rude shock today when i started work and found out that the boss (wanker) has switched my internet access off and disabled my e-mail, so i have chaned my e-mail to a private one now.
Anyway as u all know i have gone from a brand new Coopers kit with no idea for x-mas to my first All Grain on the weekend, all thanks to u guys so thanks again for all your help and i will try to touch base every now and then, when i can.
And Shawn, i might see you in at Mayfield during the week some time. :(

Gald to have helped out - this is what makes this sight so good...
That is bad and good SJW.
Bad that you can't browse during the day, but good that you have a promotion so hopefully more income to spend on brewing goodies.
Congratulations SJW.

All the best in the future, SJW...keep on brewin mate.

Congrats on the new job SJ! I'm sure I'll bump into you around the place. I might be in the shop on Saturday morning for some supplies.

Good luck with the brewing and the new job,


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