Process Of Adding Adjucts To Primary Or Secondary Brew

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Hi brewers,

I have a two phase question, first specific then general.

I have a cider which i've primary fermented using store bought long life apple juice, i have some home grown plums which i've whizzed up and want to add. Last time i did this, i added them in the primary and I lost all the plum flavour (nice colour though).

I also bought some fresh cloudy apple juice which i want to add as well, should i do this too?

Should i take the fermented liquid and put it into a second fermenter on top of the plums and let it sit for a week or so?

Which of these?

Cider (primary) --> Cloudy juice & plums (in secondary)


Cider (primary) + cloudy juice (add now into primary fermenter) --> Plums (in secondary)

Leading on from the specific example, are there things you should or shouldn't (generall) put in the secondary fermentation?

Will you get a sweeter/flavoursome brew by adding extra ingredients at this step? Hops, grains, adjucts, artificial flavours, etc?

Will you just start fermenting again if you add a heap of sugars at this step?

Any thoughts on this subject would be very much appreciated :D THANKS!

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