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Munich Ale

A ProMash Brewing Session - Recipe Details Report


% Amount Name Origin Potential EBC
92.9 5.20 kg. IMC Munich Australia 1.038 12
3.6 0.20 kg. JWM Crystal 140 Australia 1.035 145
3.6 0.20 kg. JWM Wheat Malt Australia 1.040 4


Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
15.00 g. Pride of Ringwood Pellet 10.10 21.6 60 min.
15.00 g. Pride of Ringwood Pellet 10.00 5.7 15 min.

Ringwood Ale Yeast

This is what i'm doing todayish. Also throwing in 100 grams of POR flower during the mash, and another 100grams at the end of the boil.

Any thoughts?
only thought to mind wedge is to let all know how it turns out.
havent tried por yet. :(

hope all goes well

big d B) .
That's a shitload of POR wedge. :blink: POR gives a harsh bitterness at anything over 25IBU. What IBU are you expecting with your hop addition to the mash?
From what I recall mash hopping is best done with noble or low alpha hops, I could be wrong though.

Yeah it is! But the hop flowers in the mash and then at the end of the boil has given this an awesome flavour. I'm no usually a POR fan but tried this on the advice of Dave from Goliaths.

My hop additions is for about 28IBUs and then the flowers what ever tey add. (Probably only a few ibus)

Well worth a try especially with EKG this would be the bee's knees
Wedge, if you want to be able to drink the beer, don't do it.

You've already got 27 IBU, the 100 g at knock out will give about another 20 IBU. For mash hopping I calculate as I would for an addition at 45 mins, which for flowers would be a utilisation rate of about 20% which is going to give you another 90 IBU. That's about 135 IBU of POR.

Run to the hills, that will be a mouth-tearingly harsh beer. 100g PoR at any stage is overkill, let alone before the boil.
all i can say is this. I put it into Promash and it said the same to me. But Dave from Goliaths said different, so i gave it a go. To me tasting the unfermented wort, it is say low 30 IBUs

I dont understand this either, will be looking into it. All that the flowers added was a suprisingly nice flavour and a heap of aroma.

Perhaps someone out there can explain this? But promash was definetly wrong. The mash hopping only added flavour/aroma and perhaps, (on tasting) 3IBUish

Dont forget the hop flavours were added at 66oc for 30 minutes and then cooling down from the boil for 30 minutes, surely this would cause a very low utilization! :blink:
There's only one way to find out for sure Wedge

And your doing it :chug: :chug:
it tastes bloody awesome to me, and i'm not even a POR fan. Just did it to try something new.

The ringwood yeast is different, very, very fruity.
when the sugars ferment out you will taste more bitterness

The Ringwood yeast is great, but rouse it every day, all it wants to do is flocculate

Jovial Monk
I knew a girl like that once ;)
Go you good thing Wedge,

Beersmith calculates 100 g of POR in the mash will give you an IBU of only 20, 15g @ 60 min and 15g @ 15 min will give you a total of 42 ibu altogether. The mash hop bitterness will be very smooth compared to a 60 min boil and the flavour will be more pronounced.

tell us how it tastes in the bottle, it will probably need more conditioning than usual but i bet it's a bewt.

promash tells me the 15g at 60 and 15 gives me 27IBUs

Dont forget the 100grams of hops was actually the flower, not the plug or pellet.

Perhaps JM is right, it will get bitterer (is that a word ;) ) as the beer ferments fully out.

To my realitively unexperienced tastebuds, the mash hopping adding only a very small amount of IBUS before the boil.

I believe, from taste and previous experiance that the final bitterness will be about 35ibus. We shall se though :D
i find a bit of difference between promash ansd beersmith and i dontuse the defaults with the promash and change them a bit and i got tda esb on promash to 1 ibu of his beersmith program
ok so now i'm apologising to all those who warned me, 42ibus of POR is alot! :eek: ;)

After the frement i lost a lot of the malt flavour which eccentuated the bitterness.

The mash hopped bitterness though is still fantastic, too much yes, but not harsh at all. The IBUs just make my eyes water though! :lol: :lol:

I really want to try this again with say EKG with ibus to say 30ibus!

Can anyone help me with alocatting this to a style, just out or curiousity! :rolleyes:


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