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Hi All,
we are staying in Merimbula for a week or so and am wondering if anyone here has any recomendations for a good place to head out for a lunch. Also keen to know any good venues for a beer.

Cheers, Evan
There is a seafood resturant at Pambula the serves a top feed.
Head to wheelers resteraunt half way between merimbula and pambula (opposite the golf club) as for beers not much option other than the RSL or bowling club. The pub does a good feed that you can sit and have a beer lokking over the water. enjoy
Grab a longneck of Coopers or Sheaf stout, head down to the Pambula lake area where they sell oysters fresh off the boat.

Order a dozen shucked right in front of your face, sit on the picnic bench, neck your beer, and wonder why the hell you would want to pay money for a dining experience that doesn't get any better than this.
The golf club puts on a good feed. Book ahead for a table and ask for a seat against the big glass window wall - you look out on the sea in the distance and wallabies on the fairways nearby (no guns allowed).

Take the drive to Eden and try one of the seafood resturants down on the dock where the big fishing boats tie up.

And if its sunny, check out the small home brew cum gift shop up the top of the main street, and see the hop sachets hanging on hooks with the sun streaming all over the. Nice bloke runs it though.

If you decide to go out on one of the regular half-day fishing trips, be careful of the bigger boats. They use so much fuel they generally go to only one or two spots to try and find fish. The smaller boats tend to move about more and go to many spots in search of fish (the bloke who operates out of Fishpen on the Melbourne side of the bridge is good).

As for beer - all I know is the bottle shop just up the road from the supermarket. Standard range of Aust. and international brands.

Its a nice place Merimbula. Enjoy.

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