perlick fc vs plastic KK shank

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Just got myself a 3 tap KK kegerator (with plastic taps and plastic shanks - one of which was cracked). I never intended using the taps, as I have some Perlick FCs on their way. I've read somewhere here that the KK shanks work fine with the PFCs so didn't bother ordering shanks (I thought I was getting chrome KK ones). Now I wish I'd looked into it earlier.

Has anyone bought both PFC and chrome or stainless shanks and fitted them to the KK font?
It's a pretty tight space, so if I go this route, I want to make sure it all fits
Yep - get some good quality shanks, chrome or stainless, whichever matches your taps probably.
Not cheap Chinese ones. Talk to Craftbrewer.
I have new Perlicks and shanks on my KK 3-tap font.
mikec said:
.... Talk to Craftbrewer..
Done. Thanks
Their "Shank Elbow Chrome" will fit the font. Not in stock at the moment, but maybe in a week

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