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FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

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Am reluctantly selling my kegging gear. I’ve got to move to Melbourne for a few years for work, and the place I’m moving to doesn’t have space for the gear. I need this to move fairly quickly as I’m moving soon, so it’s a bargain of a price.

You’ll get:
- 4 Perlick SS flow control taps
- 4 long SS shanks
- 4 Black plastic handles and fittings for securing into the fridge
- 5 keg king ball lock kegs (3 of the ones with the rubber, 2 of the SS handle ones): Always cleaned straight after use and stored dry (or with beer in them). All still hold pressure and have been used within the last few months so good working order
- Associated gas/liquid posts (some of the seals are a little worn, but I think there’s a few replacement seals in with the gear somewhere)
- SS liquid and gas disconnects (there is a single plastic gas disconnect in there as well)
- 4 way gas manifold/splitter
- Push non-return valve to stop beer heading up your lines a knackering your regulator
- Some john guest push fittings (these are pretty well used, and still work but will probably need replacing soonish)
- Keg King Mk 3 regulator
- Keg King 2.6kg CO2 cylinder (with a fair amount of gas left in it)
- Temp controlled for fridge
- A bit of other random stuff that is in the container the gear lives in (thermometer/silicone hose/small amount of beer/gas line)
- LG 303L fridge/freezer with holes drilled for taps and SS drip tray (fridge and freezer work great - only turned it off today, but does have a few superficial marks/dents in it). Fits 4 kegs with the plywood shelf I’ve rigged up.

I may have forgotten something, but if it’s not up there you’ll get it anyway.

Selling the lot for $600 (the taps and shanks alone will cost you around $500 new).

I won’t be splitting (at this stage), the exception will be:
- If someone wants the fridge only they can have it for free
- The rest of the gear will still be $600

Pick up from Geelong ASAP.

I’m on the iPad (my desktop is packed for moving) so haven’t had much success with photos. PM if your interested with your email and I’ll forward you some pics.

NB: There’s only 3 taps/shanks in the picture, the 4th was being washed and dried so can assure you it exists.
I’ll try and upload some pictures later. I’ll commandeer my wife’s laptop for 20 minutes so I can get it done.
Pictures - will have to post over a few messages. Can only do a couple at a time for some reason.


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More pics


  • 42DB1E49-2569-45F0-83F1-44397266D259.jpeg
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In action.


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Still available.
I'd be interested in the kegs if you split the gear. Don't really need the rest.

Not interested in splitting at the moment. Just need to get rid of it soonish.
Price drop to $500

This is a total bargain, with pretty much everything you need to get into kegging.


Thanks everyone for the interest.

Hope it gives the buyer many years of faithful service!

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