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So I'm about to keg an apa after I have been CC, and I have notice bits of ice floating around on top of the beer...
Never had this happen so should I just wait for it to warm up a bit or is it stuffed? :(
I froze my apa 3 weeks ago. Just let it warm up a touch. By he time you get everything ready she be right. I never had a problem and beer was amazing.
Delicious will continue then, should I wait until I can't see any ice?
Should be right as long as there's no big chunks of ice it should all be melted by the time you sterilise and pour.
yeah I bottled one of mine once still had a heap of ice in the bottom when done. I figured it would just be more alcoholic and from memory it was nice to (for a kit beer :p ) but wouldnt worry a bit
I've had chunks of ice in my fermenter quite a few times. It's never adversely affected the beer, it always turns out fine.
Eisenbock FTW

It is a style I have been wanting to try.

You're half way there!

Starting filling keg to find more then just ice floaties, it's a solid brick down the bottom with about 6 litres left to fill! guess I'll just wait longer?
keg it and throw the water. Its just water thats frozen but if you have brewed it and want it to keep on style then yeah do that otherwise cap and carb and start drinking.
I dunno but as long as your sanitation was spoton keep it covered and should be no drama if ya wait for it to defrost
Or stick a stick in it and ya got a big beer Popsicle. Get lickin

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