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Le roi est mort..
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I want to have a crack at this method but I'm a bit sketchy on calculating gravity's.
The idea was to start with a simple IPA made up of Pilsner, crystal and perhaps a little Rye, then from the second running's, an APA of sorts, then basing the hop additions on whatever the OG winds up as.

The batch size around 25L for the first running's.

So, with that in mind, can someone give me an idea of what numbers I need to hit on the first batch in order to to get around the 4-4.5% mark from the second? or at least how to calculate it.
I really don't want to go with LME or sugar additions to prop up a flaccid gravity from the second running's, nothing wrong with it of course, just not what trying to achieve.

For the sake of simplicity, lets work on two 25L batches.
My rig is about as simple as I am, but now I use a 50L keg to mash with rather than my trusty 40L Coleman. So big (er) grain bills and step mashing are no problem.

when I looked into it, Wolfy provided me some very useful mathematical tables and such.. 2 days later I stopped beating my head into the wall and filled my MT with as much grain as I thought it could handle..

12kg (could have done 13) in my 45 lt willow.

first gyle was 1075 and second was 1045. (fly sparged to volume)

a bit of a search should turn it up.

to a large degree it's gunna depend on your equipment and how you use it.. er.. nothing personal ;)

In the end the maths done my head in and I just brewed off the belt and that was loads more fun...

feckin maths.. if I had to do maths I wouldnt be brewin.. to me it's more of an organic brewday.. Citymorgue2 also has a bit of experience with this method..

In the end out of 12kg grist I thought an Imperial IPA and a regular APA was a good result for + maybe 1.5 hrs to a usual day.

Fourstar usually works out the math when we have a big brew day.
For my prsonal brews I gyle all my double batches now. I basicly assume a double 1045 batch will make close to a 1040 single or just under and go from there. U can thrpw in a litle extra grain, crystal etc for extra flavour/profile, ut not too much or its not really a gyle.

Im fairly sure there are a few threads on gyles with the math explained.
Cheers all, pretty much everything I need right here.
You just cant top a link to a spreadsheet in my book.

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