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I just put a brew down. It was meant to be a classic english bitter. i made a small error and instead of adding 40g of pale cholocate malt, I accidently put in 400g.

The recipe now looks like this. Will it still taste ok?4000gm Ale Optic malt (Thomas Fawcett Floor malted)

500gm Weyermann Munich II

400gm Weyermann Pale Wheat malt

200gm Weyermann Caramel Wheat malt

100gm Weyermann Caraaroma

100gm Weyermann Carared

400gm Thomas Fawcett Pale Chocolate malt

25gm East Kent Golding hops AA 4.3% (60 mins)

10gm East Kent Golding hops AA 4.3% (20 mins)

10gm East Kent Golding hops AA 5.4% (15 mins)

10gm East Kent Golding hops AA 5.4% (10 mins)

Windsor Dried Yeast
Looks pretty good for an English brown/porter. Bitterness might be a little low, you'll have to taste it and see.
Mate looks like a possibly tasty beer.all those caras and light/pale this and that...Marris otter/english pale malt and english crystal a good british yeat strain,mash for med body..winner..
If you have a good clean fermention process, I am happy to dispose of it :)

Pale choc is a great malt at that quantity. It wont be a copper coloured bitter, but it looks tasty to me.
Looks like you've made yourself a Sweet Porter.
The 400 gr of Cara malts will balance the Chocolate to a degree.

Enjoy, I'm sure it will be fine!

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