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Yeast maketh the beer.
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I've used this yeast (1st time I've used it) in a variation of Bribie G's "Moby Wheat" (Whale Ale clone) and it's come out delicious..

Shows off the hops aroma and flavour nicely.

If anyone else has used this yeast-what sort of beer did you use it in and how'd it turn out?

I'm looking for some ideas to use the next starter on, I know Rogue uses it for almost-if not all their beers but interested in some fellow home brewer input.

Cheers :beer:
Used it in a stout, will be putting it in a very hoppy red ale tomorrow. Really impressed with the stout, it's a recipe I've used before and I thought the Pacman added a lot more mouthfeel and body compared with the us-05 i used for it before.
love it in my ales.
cheers barls
Brewed a dead guy ale clone recently with it.
It's a deliciously malty amber ale i highly recomend this recipe if you have the yeast.
Goldenchild- can you post the deadguy clone recipe? or link to it? pretty interested..

sean_0-I like my dark beers, and I've got a few munich ale and pacman jars just waiting in the fridge so might do a side by side munich dunkel or doppelbock, same recipe different yeast and see the difference.

I've never done a stout though.. but I do have a few jars so might be worth an experiment. :beerbang:
deadish guy ale
Original Gravity (OG): 1.054 (P): 13.3
Final Gravity (FG): 1.014 (P): 3.6
Alcohol (ABV): 5.31 %
Colour (SRM): 11.4 (EBC): 22.5
Bitterness (IBU): 33.2 (Rager)

79.96% Maris Otter Malt
8.01% Caramunich I
8.01% Munich I
4.01% Crystal 40

1.3 g/L Perle (6% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil)
0.5 g/L Perle (6% Alpha) @ 30 Minutes (Boil)
0.5 g/L Perle (6% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes (Boil)
0.5 g/L Saaz (3.6% Alpha) @ 5 Minutes (Boil)

had it as a side by side with a real bottle and found the original to be a fair bit sweeter so possibly more crystal then i used but i loved mine the way it was and will make it again soon without any changes.
imo you could probably sub the hops with others from the noble familys as its quite a malt driven beer.
Cheers Gc,

I pretty much have most of that grain bill already so this is probably going to get a run as soon as I've brewed tomorrows American brown ale... two brew days this weekend me thinks B)
Is there any where that I could get some of the pacman yeast from?
mhb is where i got the last packet from
Am I missing something here have they re released pacman yeast in packets ???????
Got 2 going at the moment.

Dogfish head 60 min IPA and for a lager with way too much galaxy for my own good.

Both smell amazing and the samples from the hydrometer tube taste very clean.

The hops shine through.
If you want a stout thats a bit different, but bloody delicious ...

Listen to the can you brew it podcasts at and look for the rogue shakespeare stout.
MAKE SURE you listen to both, theres 2, theres a recipe correction in the second podcast.

I do this as a regular and its sensational. I have some pacman coming from mhb, cant wait to try it with that.
Been using American Ale 11, but apparently Rogue use pacman.

Edit: Recipe below...

Cheers, Chris

Rogue Shakespeare Stout Clone.
All Grain.

Boil size 28L
Batch size 23L.
4.72% abv.
OG- 1.049.
FG- 1.013.
IBU's 66.5
Eff 70%.

3.88 Kg Pale malt.
650g Choc Malt.
650g Crystal 120L
590g Flaked Oats.
88g Roasted Barley

60mins Mash at 65c.

80g Cascade 7.8% 60 Mins.
30g Cascade 7.8% 0 Mins.

Yeast. Pacman or American Ale 11.

10 days Primary.
10 days Secondary.
1/2 teaspoon gelatin and crash chill for 10 days.

Keg / carbonate and enjoy.
I've got an amber ale on tap at the moment using pacman. Gives it a great malty profile, especially adding specialty grains at mash out
I used my pack in an oat meal stout what a great yeast best stout I have done
Big thanks to Mark at Marks Home Brew for keeping the doors open for a travelling brewer that was so happy to pickup one of his favourite yeast strains.

Thanks mate

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