Pacifico $25 At Dan Murphy's!

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Hey guys,

Just went down my local Dan Murphy's (Shellharbour) and among some of my favourite Belgian Trappist beers, I bought a couple of cartons of Pacifico on special for $25 a case.

Pacifico is all I drank in Mexico last year. A good refreshing beer that is even better than Corona for all you Corona geeks.

25 bucks, can't complain about that.
I might head down to my local DM to see if they have it there I love that stuff! It's is defiantly way better then Corona we usually get a few cases for our Cinco de Mayo (5th of may) celebrations! what a good drop!
Not that cheap up here at $10.00 a six pack but I have found a use for it. I have a fairly heavy and harshly bittered IPA and Pacifico makes a great mixer to make it more sessionable. I add one bottle to a 750ml bottle of IPA and it is great.

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