Overly Vigorous Boiling

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Pete of Meat

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Tried boiling a brew on the weekend. Have always just added ingredients to the carboy with hot water. Boiling is so much more interesting! Anyway...

Can you boil a brew too vigorously? Should you see bubbles rising - how many at once? Is it more of a simmer? What signs do you look for to indicate the correct boiling 'pace'?
A good rolling boil is generally all you need. I doubt that over-vigourous boiling would oxidise your brew, because boiling actually drives out the oxygen, as far as I know.

- Snow
You should see the boil "rolling" over and over. Its fairly vigourous. More than just bubbles or simmering anyway. You want it constantly turning the hops through the liquid.

www.howtobrew.com has some pictures i think...