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I should have known better :blink:

I made Docs JS Pilsner the other day , racked into CC today and had a little taste , mmm not bad but not anywhere near enough flavour...why?

Well I had placed an order with Grumpys that included some Saaaz hops , but this had not arrived , when I visited my local brew shop they had a packet of Saaz there, packed in a gold package , don't know how long this had been sitting around.

When I did the brew and opened the package the hops did not smell strong and looks as old as big d ! :lol:

I'll never use hops again that I am not happy with , fresh is the only way to go , oh well have a new supply now , another JS Pilsner next brew day
Were they as wrinkled as bigd as well...

hey you guys. :angry:
ill let you in on a secret.
im actually good looking :blink: :p

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