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I have been a member of this forum for about 6 months and i understand about half of these abreviations that come up from time to time in posts. If you know any of these please explain for me and for others as i get a little confused mid sentance :blink: ...

eg. NSFW - Not suitable for work

give a list & I'd be happy to translate for you... :)
I had NFI what the hell he was on about, but that didn't stop people telling me to STFU, which may even be against the law, although IANAL.

But I agree with you, like any technically minded field, there can be quite a bit of obscurity in acronyms used. A n00b's guide wouldn't go astray at all.
barfridge said:
I Am Not A Lawyer

aha! is that why deebee couldn't understand it?? :p
"I anal" struck a chord somewhere I was too embarassed to admit to.

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