Ok It's Not Full Grain Mash Brewery

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No it's not a full grain mash brewery,,YET !
Still as a lot of you know I have been brewing over 20 years , kegging 14 years.
This is my set up as of now ,more to come I promise

This is the inside of the serving fridge , I store bottles in front of the kegs.
Can only fit two kegs in the serving fridge at once

Then there's the temperture controled fridge I brew Lagers in , one fermenter at a time but CC to brews in there as well.
Also have a brew going inside as in the fridge takes 3 weeks to brew out

Then they CC in that temperture control fridge for 2-3 weeks ( depends on me and friends drinking habits ) then they go into kegs and into a old friend fridge that was once my serving fridge.
I was going to dump her as it's all rusted out , but it just keeps on going , kegs CC here for a month longer or more

And it's a bloody good drop too !
I have learnt heaps lately about racking ,CC and now partial mashing , full mashing is comming up , got the kegs and cut the tops last days off
Notice the colour of our cement? red like everything else up here :D

Nice looking setup. I'll get there sometime...

Quick question: I see one of your beers CC-ing in the fridge in a 15 or 20L jerry. I've got a 10L one sitting in my bar fridge at the mo'. I was worried that there may have been too much air space over the lager (isn't it called ullage?). Mines filled up to the bottom of the cap, but I notice that the level of beer is a lot lower in yours - hence more air. You can put my mind at rest if you say that you don't get any problems with this...

WOW what a production line!!!

is that 3 fridges you have there, lucky bugger!!!

I have my serving fridge (4 kegs) and a dead fridge i have made temp controlled but only 60Watts of cooling power (prob not enough to brew in - wouldn't take the heat out of the brewing wort)

might do for cold conditioning and the 20Lt jerry can's you have look perfect!!!
what are they worth? where did you get them from and is the plastic food grade?

Ben :chug:
love the big keg.
iam getting one of those for sure.i have never even seen a 18 gallon job before.i thought i was all a myth.
but i think i have found one.
Never seen an 18 gallon keg ? Your yonger than me ! All we used to have at parties once , the spear is not in the keg , you used to fit it at the time.
And if you did'nt know what you were doing look out , may black eyes and broken teeth from that one.
The jerrys are food grade and about $20 from K-Mart etc 'Willow" brand
The air space in the jerrys , I give it a shot of CO2 from my bottle , it's heavier that air so sits on the top of the brew , never had a problem anyway
Cheers Batz
I might get a few as it will free up my fermentor's (4) and 3 are in Lagering so i can only brew with one. holds up production and with hot weather on the way - Sob may not be many more lagers for 6-7 months brewed. and its going to be a thirsty summer

mmmm beer... need to find a fridge! :) then its 3 fridges hehe the family hate me

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