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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd post a pic of my brew stand in progress. I bought myself a cheap welder ( ebay) and thought i'd have a go at welding it up myself. As far as my welding goes, well it leaves a lot to be desired, but it's nothing a grinder cant fix up. And I think i might have to add a bit more steel in the middle for strength. Anyway its tens timer better than my old stand, which is in case your not sure is the 2nd pic. :p

New one... :)

The old one..... :blink:

Very nice

And yes 100% improvement on the old desk :blink:

Looks the goods vl, very tidy! The old one looks like a fire hazard, not sure I would leave the boil unsupervised on that one :lol:
great looking stand. i could use one just like it...if only i could weld :(
Certainly a massive improvement over the previous set up. I'm jealous. My set up is still very, very basic.

Very impressive stand.

Nice job.

Did I forget to mention it was impressive. :rolleyes:

Warren -
Oh bugger it.

While I'm at it... My new setup is finally finished.

Not too bad price-wise materials for stand only cost me $75 all up give or take a few dollars. Shows if you shop around you can pick up some pretty cheap alternatives. Pretty simple to cut and bolt together too. :)

Out with the old. This how I used to rather dangerously balance everything. :blink:

And in with the new. Slightly improved I'd say. :lol:

Warren -


Damb, thats a big thermometer, I can read it on the thumbnail shot :lol:

Borret :blink:
Yep, she's a whopper Borret. Nice and easy to read though. For 30 bucks though. I'm not complaining. :D

I'm thinking of re-naming it Big Ben. :lol:

Warren -

They are some nice looking stands blokes!! Warren, where did you get the slotted angle from, looks similar to the gear sold at Bunnings but if you know of a cheaper dealer I'd love to have that info.... :)

Or the Tower of Terror, as it was once called


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