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I scored a geared motor to motorise my Valley Mill. Now I need to attach the shaft of the gear motor to the shaft of the mill. I'm a little concerned about horizontal and vertical misalignment, so I'm thinking of something like a spider coupler. Does anyone know of a good supplier?. Or does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative approach?


A "V" belt and pulleys are probably the cheapest and a belt solves small alignment problems. Pulleys also give you the advantage of getting that speed "just right".

A search on Google (motor coupling) or in the yellow pages (power transmission I think) might help if you are looking for a direct coupling.

Some of the Bearing Supply companies will be able to help you as well.

Hi Dicko

Speed is not a problem. The motor has a gear head which has reduced the speed to 306rpm (Valley Mill recommend a max of 300rpm). I had a google search for motor couplings and more specifically spider couplers, but most sites were too industrial. Jaycar had advertised one that would have been perfect, but their supplier has fallen through. Reckon I might need to do it the old fashioned way and phone a load of companies.

Covertrys have a good range

Yes MAH,
I know what you need.
It is a small coupling with a hub for each shaft and a moulded rubber block in the middle to connect the two.
I feel I have seen them in Bearing Supply places and it probably would be a good place to start the search.
Batz or Big d might be able to help you with a brand or company name as they are both still involved in trades that may use those couplings for pump drives and the like.
Good luck and cheers
Beat me to it Batz!!!

That would be Coventry's Mark!!!
Thanks guys just what I needed. I hadn't searched using the term power transmission. Often it's as simple as someone pointing out the correct term.

Howdy Mark,
Direct drive geared motors are certainly not my forte' but I was of the understanding that if a rock or piece of metal were to find its way into your hopper, it could severely damage your mill.
BTW, I once found a sizable piece of metal from the augers used to turn the malt whilst it is steeping. My mill, which is motorised with a pulley and belt screached to a holt.
I think it was the second or third time I used it.
Can you put some sort of clutch on the motor?
just a thought
I too would go a v-belt MAH, but if you do want a coupling and have trouble finding one I maybe able to help you out.
PM me if you get stuck

i have seen the coupling mah is after lying around.change them out now and again on the lube pumps we use.will keep an eye out for a loose one or two. ;)

big d
That's the ones big d !

Grease pumps

Bloody mining fitters ! :blink:


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