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  • Hi mate I am getting into homebrew and would like to get some advise on your setup if possible? regards Wayne
    Belgrave Brewer is not selling at this time due to some family/friend issues that have come up.
    G'day, I'd be interested in purchasing some hop rhizomes if available (2 cascade, 1 chinook) + postage to Sydney. Email: jhhayes2388@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.
    do you have any Cascade, Chinook left please and post to adelaide 5084 send PayPal or bank code
    G'day mate, is this the PM system? I'm still a noob so am not sure where to find everything.

    My email is samryan.env@gmail.com if you want to send banking info -

    I'm keen for one Centennial and one Cascade rhizome, sent to Aldinga, South Australia
    Hi ya mate,
    I'm after some victoria and cascade. i'm in SA. Can you please send me the details??
    Are you able to post some cascade rhizomes to Brisbane if they are still available?

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