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    Holgate Esb Any Idea's On A Recipe

    I doubt the original recipe had Galaxy in it. The Holgate ESB was a favourite of mine and I proudly served it at my pub for years before they decided to only sell it uncarbonated for hand pumps and it dropped off my tap list. I switched to Hargreaves ESB after trialing a few others, which was...
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    Question for Icemaster G40 owners

    How did you go Stevo? The tank is 40L, but with coils, it can hold about 38L. I have 2 fermentors going on the G40, and each holds about 10L in the fermentor jacket plus the plumbing, so I have around 60L in my system all up. 33% glycol is what I've been told, so after testing with just...
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    The beauty of home growing is that you can harvest when cones are ready, and not harvest all at once and take an average of most ready and some not ready as they do commercially. Of course they do train so growth is at a similar rate across varieties. Lower leaves will be the first to get...
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    Stainless Conical Fermentors

    I've seen the jacketed version with heating/cooling at his home brew shop in Woori Yallock. It's a Chinese product, but the gear looks solid.
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    Chinook hop trimming

    Train 3 bines per string and let the rest grow on the ground first year for root development.
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    Hi Ben, I have Cascade now and will be digging Chinook over the weekend, so I'll have what you...

    Hi Ben, I have Cascade now and will be digging Chinook over the weekend, so I'll have what you are after. If you want to chat easier, you can contact me on my FB page Yellingbo Brewing & Hop Garden.
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    WTB Hop Rhizomes in Newcastle

    I'll have some available in a few weeks time.
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    Home Grown Wet Hop Fail

    It's highly unlikely that the wet hops gave your beer a metallic flavour. The best use for wet hops is at end of boil, or, reduce the wort temp to between 75-80C and whirlpool for 20+mins...this will not add any IBUs. Many homebrewers have reported underwhelming flavour/aroma from Cascade...
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    WTB Hop Rhizomes in Newcastle

    Yes, I can post to QLD. I can't post to WA or TAS. I'll start harvesting this week and will create a thread once I have them available.
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    WTB Hop Rhizomes in Newcastle

    No probs, I'll post availability soon.
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    WTB Hop Rhizomes in Newcastle

    I'll have rhizomes for sale at the beginning of July. Cascade, Chinook, and Victoria will be available this year, and possibly Centennial.
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    Hop rhizomes

    I'll have Cascade, Chinook, Victoria, and possibly some Centennial and Columbus. Harvest should be complete by mid-July, and I'll post on the forum when available.
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    Wet hops for dry hopping

    I did a collaboration Harvest Ale a few years back and we used 33kgs of wet hops into 930L for dry (wet) hopping in the fermentor, it was delicious. Best to put them loosely in a weighted bag if you are going to use them this way.
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    Hops Growing Masterclasses in VIC and SA

    Hops Growing Master Classes February 2nd in VIC at Yellingbo Brewing & Hop Garden, and February 9th in SA at Fresh Hops Co-op of Australia. Horticulturist and Hop Grower Stuart Bn will guide you through all aspects of successful hop growing in this 4 hour course. Contact Stuart at...
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    That's one of the downsides of mounds, any excess water drains to ground level. I'm also watering a 1.5sqm area per plant. It's about 2000L per day for my field. On dry hot days, it's more. Keeping the soil moist can be a challenge. Most years I don't fire up the irrigation system until some...