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Hi Guys,

I just found this web site for a victorian company that does mail order Imported Beers and some nice beer steins.

Might be getting me a European Sampler Pack.

Here is the web site.

Happy shopping. :D
I don't get it. If they're a Victorian company, why are they advertising in US$ and delivering from a wharehouse in Europe? Do they have a separate distributor in Australia?
Snow you have lost me...

Here are the companys contact details:
8 East Concourse

Fax: +61-3-9589-7951
Email: [email protected]

This is in Aust - dont know where the us dollars come in...

Just found it....

They list them in USDollars on check out - very sneaky.

Thanks for pointing that out.
The pic of the beers is broken too, you cant enlarge it to see what beers you're actually getting.

Gathering by the fact they're cans, I'd presume its a lot of standard lagers and pilseners. Maybe a couple dunkels.

I do like the Stein though. And they do stock Budvar (which I havent seen for sale in WA).

edit - Ooh yeah, btw for those in WA (or Australia, they ship) who havent heard, by the 19th/20th of this month the International Beer Store will have new belgians in stock. Theres about 5? new lambics, and 4? new strong ales :)
chomping at the bit to visit leif and his shop again.
gotta try more of those belgians next visit. :rolleyes:
GMK did you end up ordering this sampler pack and if so how much did the postage cost and how long did it take to get to you?
no- but found and Australian COmpany that imports beer based in Adelaide..

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