Merry Xmas To All The Ahb Members

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Well I will kick this off as it is only a couple of days too go and many of us will soon too busy with Xmas to surf AHB , ( yea sure ! ;) )

Merry Xmas too all members of this wonderful site , and have a Happy and Safe New Year.

Thankyou to all who have made me so welcome on recent visits down south , and to all who have taken the time to post information on brewing and beer related bits and pieces for the good of all over the past year.

May the brew gods smile on you all during 2005

Batz :ph34r:
Yes, Thank you Batz,
And the same to you and your family,
and to all AHB'ers have a merry and safe Xmas and we hope to catch up in the new year.
Yep, merry Xmas to all the AHBers out there. May all your beers be good beers :)

Best wishes to all on this great site,

Yes merry Xmas to all.
Hope Santa bring everyone something for their brewerys :)
Have a safe holiday :chug:

Good wishes to all and their families.

As home brewing has been a new adventure for me in 2004, I would particularly like to thank everyone for their responses to my questions and a big thanks to the search buton in the top left hand corner !!!! :) :)

Wishing all a Merry Xmas, safe driving and good brew days for the holidays.

And thanks to those involved for some great days throughout the year. There's always something new to learn and discuss over some quality ales (and even the odd larger, uh... lagger, uh... how do you spell that Jazman?) ;)

All the very best for 2005. The BEST site. Thanks all.
A very merry xmas to AHB members.
May your stockings be filled with brewing related goodies.
Have a relaxing break, and don't forget to take time to plan some brewing.

Baaaaahhhhh Humbug ;)

Have a great break everyone (if you're having one) - looking forward to another year of AHB'ing

Yadda yadda yadda
have a cracker christmas everyone, and make sure you all get your fill of great beers over the festive season. swmbo will be my designated driver over christmas so it will be an extra festive one for me.

thanks to all for their gr8 advice.

Go AHB'ers!!
Have a Merry and safe Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Bah humbug from all of us at Backlane...

Happy x-mas all thee brewers out there, i am lucky enough to fish and brew uptill this x-mas and maybe run beta 1 auto brewery on x-mas day itself ahhh true dreams !

maybe a double brew day, with a rest to hopfully eat a snapper, flathead tails or maybe a gummy shark! while drinking 6month old octoberfest beer and maybe a Bock to end the day

then a big beer day on boxing day woth 40Lt of Betleigh brewhouse beers on tap woo hoo

what a yr its been!
Feliz Navidad!!
веселое рождество!!

etc etc!!

And don't forget the importance of the early brewers -
who watched their floccs by night -
in the Xmas story.

awrabest and a guid New Year as well

Best Wishes to all the AHBers for Xmas & hoping all your brews are great brews in 2005

merry xmas to all ahbers and there families and may you all have a great brew year in 05

big d
And a fat merry one to you all from moi. Have a good new years and may your yeast multiply fruitfully!

Cheers - Snow
All the best for the festid season.

Hope to see you all back here in '05.
Merry christmas and good brewing to all.

be safe.

Cheers, JD

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