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Hi fellow brewers
I was at the local camping shop this morning and found this 37 ltr round cooler for 79.00 and i asked darren who owns the shop if he had the 57 ltr also

he tells me that the 57 ltr is 140 dollars and the 37 ltr is 79 dollars .
i was talking to him a bit more about these and he offered alittel better on the price if we done a bulk buy now saying that he added that depending on the amount purchased he would look at a discount .
but any way apart from that i had a good look at these and they are very well made compared to some i have seen for a lot more .
here is a pic of the 37 ltr perfect i think for a 23 ltr mash .

thanks delboy :D


37 Litres can make double batches too. Easily able to hold 8-9 kg of grain with a LG ratio of 3:1.

At that price it would serve you well. That said if you're planning any bigger than 40 litre batches I'd go for the 57 Litres. Choice is yours.

Warren -
thanks warren
i will get one is the price good though .i guess it is i have seen similar ones around the 90 -100 mark in this forum !!
That is exactly what I use and it holds the temperature well. I got mine from Dave when he still had Goliath's. I paid a bit more for mine so it sounds like a good price to me. I'm only comparing it to what I paid though and not the general market.

Regardless you are getting value for money at that price even if it wasn't the BEST price. You can unscrew the tap and a half inch thread fits very nicely.
$79 is the best price on the Sunshine Coast [that I have seen] with $95 the most expensive, I know Screwtop got one at that price at a camping store. :)
yes he has several in stock and can get them in fairly quick .
he is in PORT PIRIE though ?

but any one should match that price .

or if there is a better price one out there .well the petrol money is where it would cost .
thats' the same cooler I bought recently Delboy.....and it cost me $97.50 or so from Goliaths.

Had to do mailorder cause I couldn't find any in Sydney at the time (except for the $250 model at ESB).

For $79 I'd grab it.

Yeah, I got the ESB one (as part of the mash starter kit) about a year ago. Its absolutely IDENTICAL to that one above except it comes with a false bottom and a boil proof snap-tap (which I have since discarded). The false bottom does fit nicely but I definitely feel like I got pretty ripped off with that deal! You can get a false bottom from grain and grape for ~$40 and stick a ball valve on for $10-20 and for under $140 you have something that is almost half the price! :angry:
if any of the guys in Adelaide want one - i can get Delboy to drop them off at the "BrewInn" for pick up - or i will get them when i eventually get up there.

Let me know if u need a hand sourcing the SS Ball valve, nut and tail etc to make it into a mash tun.
I'll go one if you're willing to fit the tap etc. GMK?
Delboy ,

I have one it is great and that is a good price, however there is a bit of a knack if you attach a SS ball valve due to the way the wall internal wall is configured .nearly broke my heart when I could not get it to seal but got there in the end .

tangent said:
I'll go one if you're willing to fit the tap etc. GMK?

No worries - i can fit the ball valve and stuff needed...

but i will have to charge you for the parts....happy to them at cost...
well i dont mind getting them for you fellas but will need some cash up the front first as i am broke from all my GMK purchases .

would be a bit silly though for you interstate boys (opps and girls if any)
as the postage would jack the cost right up and would make this an unecconomical buy .
but the barossa lads well free shipping to Gmk,s As he will come up soon to me or i will be down his way .if you dont mind a little wait .
thats good .
For those interested in Sydney I think there was a post a little while back that you could get these coolers at a similar price at a place called "Surplus City" in Parramatta.

I remember the post because it was about 2 weeks after I paid for $97.50 + $25 postage from Goliath after looking in Sydney for months with no success. Suddenly they turned up, as is always the way.....

I got mine, back in May mind you, from Flinders Camping in Rundle St, Adelaide, for the same price. You might want to check there also Tangent.

It is a very nice unit, even with GMK's dodgy plumbing work :p

(Only kidding, GMK did a top job, as always :unsure: )