Mash Time-60 Or 90 & How Much Water?

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I know it has been asked before but what is the best mash time for a 3kg partial for my Bock, 60 or 90 min's?
I thought longer mashes tend to be used with less modified malts and those with low enzymatic power, like the ones in my bock, ie. carapils & vienna.

Also what is the be grain/water ratio? i was going to work on 1 part grain to 2.5 parts water.
A Bock without Munich malt? :eek:

I'd be going for 90 minutes with the Vienna, the Carapils just requires steeping but it is okay to mash it.

Good luck


BTW, I'd give this recipe a go if you are partial mashing. I made it a few years ago and it was fantastic!
That is the one i walked into my HBS to buy but he was out of Munich so we went with 1kg Vienna, and we used 1kg Carapils instead of Pale 2 row malt and added 200g of Wheat malt. + the
300g Caramunich
200g choc malt
3kgs of Black rock "AMBER"
25g Northern Brewer
30g Hallertaue
and the ol S-23 Saflager

IMHO i would go with 2.5ltrs per kg of grain for the mash.
Sparge with hot water - same volume as you mash for the boil.

Flame Suit ON---
Then fill up with cold water mix up and leave until you are ready to add to the fermenter upyo the 23ltr mark.
I thought that was the case fellas, thanks.
Also is there a list of what grains are base malts that need mashing, and grains that need steeping? As i thought Wheat Malt, Vienna & Carapils needed mashing?
I agree with Ken - 1kg to 2.5L. That is a good mix - not too loose, but loose enough to spread the enzymes around. I would sparge with 80C water. With 3kg of grain, you would need to have your sparge water at near boiling to get an 80C sparge temp. As for mash time, I think you would be fine with 1 hour. Vienna generally has enough enzymes to self convert in 30 mins or so, so 1 hour should be heaps.

Cheers - Snow
An hour should be heaps

I would preferably mash the carapils--not all brands of it are steepable

Jovial Monk
The original recipe calls for 1kg 2 row pale malt. My mistake, but i changed that to carapils as the HDS bloke had no Pale malt. With the lack of enzymes in the Carapils and the fact that it is a crystal not a base malt, i am a bit worried about the mash.
But if i do a 90min mash will that help in the conversion?
it reckon mended to use only 5 % of carapils in anormal beer or 40% if ur doing a light beer
why not mash everythin, you have to mash the vienna anyway. As for how long i use to mash for 90mins all the time, but these days i only mash for 60 and have not noticed a difference in my effieciency
oh yeah, i always mash 3:1. ie litres:kg
Should i add some pale base malt to the 1kg carapils & 1kg Vienna to add some diastatic power ? i would think i can't hurt, would it make it more of a Dopplebock?

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