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Its a famous shutzenfest glass, property of one of my Adelaide friends. And the beer is one of my quick and easy (straight from primary into bottle) coopers lagers. For once the cloudiness pays off :)

The photographer is really talented, and she has a great artistic eye

Click on the image for a full size version (1536x2048, 655kb)
whats the label on the glass?? It looks interesting.

Great bubble action also!! :) Low long was your beer sitting there for the photo??
Great shot. Now i got a screen saver, if thats ok with u.
thanks for your replies :)

the label on the glass reads shutzenfest across the top, with a logo underneath. Apparently this is a popular beer fesitval held in Adelaide.

The beer had probabily been in the glass for 10-15 minutes by this stage. It poured with a lovely tight creamy head, which had died down by then. Maybe his glasses were better than mine, because I always seem to get rocky lemonade heads when I pour one.

And feel free to use it as a desktop, but please dont post it around too much.
Here's a nice Kilkenny one:

Nice shots guys, i've got a nice collection of schutzenfest steins(all in active use), even a couple ceramic shitzenface steins, now they use plastic steins :angry: cause some bozo smacked out some other bozo with a glass stein.

There is no justice in this world.

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