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Hi all.

I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself, my interests, my reason for joining AHB and what I’ve brewed so far.

I hale from the coal port of Newcastle. Not a 2300 boy but a quick 25min trip west will bring you to 2285, where I call home.

I’ve been making music and film for 18 years, art and gaming for about 26 years and motorcycling for about 7 years.

My name given at birth was Adam but, the name my fellow gaming mates and musician gave me was MADMaN.

I’d always been intrigued by home brewing
(back before Coopers DIY made it look so easy) but, only ever heard horror stories about infected brews and bottle bombs.
I’m now of the think, you don’t hear many good brew stories because the brewer is to busy drink the success of the brew rather than talking about.

My brother lives I. Adelaide and we often chat over FaceTime.
One call he told me of his Coopers Lager and how it was so good and the. success he had with brewing.
I quickly become intrigued and searched the net for any and all info on brewing and starter kits.
This is when I stumbled apon AHB but, didn’t join just used it as good reading material.

Luckly my wife noticed the sudden obsession with the hobby and under the Xmas tree of 2018 was a suspiciously large Coopers DIY shaped box.
So Santa had delivered a Cooper Lager DIY kit along with a a Coopers Dark Ale and a Brigalow Apple Cider.

The cider was more for the wife but you know the old saying “happy wife, happy life”.

So I had 3 brews and only 1 fermenter.
I jumped straight on Gumtree and found a kit with a few odds and ends for $30 (kettle, sanitizers, caps, cappers, carbon drops, spoons, airlocks and some glass bottles)
I quickly came home, cleaned, sterilized and started to mix up the Brigalow Apple Cider Kit with 1KG of refined sugar, add the yeast and walk away.

Since than I have brewed the Lager, the Dark Ale and I have a second Apple Cider (Black Rock) was pitched days ago.

So I’m on the way to having a great back catalog of beers and looking at maybe steeping and making a brew from scratch.

I hope to find advice and new brew ideas for making great beers.


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