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Guys, after opinions on whether you'd be in for a local Sydney comp? As we've only really got Bathurst, State and National competitions there seems to be a gap where Sydney (and anyone else who wants to enter) brewers can enter their beers for a mid season judging, in preparation for the other, more established competitions.

The Sydney comp would be run by the BJCP team and would, as I mentioned, be open to all brewers.

Let me know what you think. :huh:
Hi Linz,

Who are the 'BJCP team'?

Is this mob doing anything other than judging beer?

Are you serious Linz ?
I'm asking because this is in the Humour and Jokes section.
Maybe I should move it ?

As for my thoughts, I quite like the break between comps. But then I'm not real serious on comps.

Its funny how this has just come up.
I was at ESB yesterday arvo picking up bottles for the State comp. Peter Wadey was there dropping off his bottles and I was talking about having a mid year competition between the IBU's, ESB and North Sydney clubs.
This is early days in the making and thoughts were only on 3 styles.
1. Extra special ESB.
2. North German Lager.
3. Foreign Stout.
I cant see why the BJCP guys cant do the judging, thinking about it they would do a great job.
As I said early days, and the beer styles may be totally different than those above.
Great idea. You have access to enthusiastic, qualified judges. I guess picking a time between the other comps, and finding a room & a big fridge is all that is left to do!
Good move

First things first.... I didn't post the first post...My Wife did. Note the time. I was passed out on the lounge after a few beveys and the Tigers mighty win in their first finals and hence the reason it was posted in the Humour section(last thing I looked at was the wine opener).

2/This was a topic the wife and I discussed on the way home from work. She was of the belief that one should qualify for the state, and therefore why wasn't there more comps...

3/The BJCP team consists of those who took part in the BJCP study programme and exams held at Paddys, My Wife and Myself included( My wife is an event organiser and has done several stands for Hair expo at darling harbour in the past)

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